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I want to raise funds to adapt a space for art

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Greetings from Medellín- Colombia!

I am VIictor hugo, Master in Dramatic Art - Master's Student in Psychoanalytic Research.

I am here would like to raise funds to adapt a space for art of Politriarte.

The house of the Politriarte park wants to adapt a place as a new meeting place for art and culture in Medellín, seeking to reach vulnerable communities, offering them other ways of looking at life through art; having as fundamental pillars the community theater Politriarte where people are not looking to see theater but live it and the school of artistic training that wants these communities to see in art an alternative and even a sustainable way out in their daily lives.

About Politriartre

Politriarte Corporación Cultural y Artística is a non-profit organization that was born from a particular dream in 2013 in Medellín, Colombia. Since that time, their staging and their different interventions have had their own stamp, as the creation of the Corporation, with the method of creation from the Intimate Transgressor- Developed by the founder and teacher in dramatic art Victor Hugo Prada Ardila.

Since its creation, the Corporation has sought to become a benchmark for the artistic environment from the staging, creation, management and development of various proposals from the intimate transgressor, which has allowed the various montages and creations to be taken to various places important city like; Canchimalos Corporation, University of Antioquia, Theaters, Medellín Popular Theater, Theater House, Elementary Theater and Agite Theater

The experience acquired in this period of time from 2013 to the present has allowed us to create new ways of looking at art and life, consolidating a space of our own creation and a community training school that aims to bring art closer to the community by returning this, a daily place and a place of encounter and closeness with others.

We would like to get a better space for Politriarte

For Politriarte Cultural and Artistic Corporation, having its own Theater was an experience that showed that the city is a living space and that the commune of Robledo is an avid community in need of spaces of art, culture and training

However, having this space poses complex challenges such as the payment of the financial loan for this purpose and also the adequacy of this space, since this new place was a family home and the spaces it has are not the most suitable for a headquarters cultural;

This is why we are looking to raise funds to help leverage the debt we have with financial institutions and also organize and build enough spaces for theater and artistic training rooms.

Details on Needed fund

A total of approximately 250,000 (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars) with which it is intended to organize the existing space well, to distribute the spaces of the house so that there is a space for the community surrounding the theater (approximately 170,000 inhabitants) and convert this place in reference and forced passage of the artists and community processes of the city, the country and the world.

What will we do when we receive the funds?

Once the requested amount was received, the total payment of the debt would be made and with the advances that have been made up to the moment of joining and seeking support mainly from designs, permits and possible productive projects for the community, the construction process would begin, taking into account that the project is already underway;

that is to say, the House of the Politriarte Park is already open to the community and it is a space where cultural offer has begun to arrive which at the time of construction and adaptation could not be stopped, so the projection and artistic training processes for the community would have to be located in different places of the house while a staggered construction is being done

Help Politriarte develop!

This project is a reality that in one way or another must be assumed and sustained, since the house is already delivered to the corporation and the community and the artistic area of ​​the city know that it exists, so if there is financing, it would ease the burdens economic and would allow a completely adequate and dignified space for the community and artists but if not financed the same would have to continue looking for all possible ways to generate money to sustain this process.

You can also visit us on google , facebook, twitter, instagram and also youtube!

google :

Youtube :

We will be grateful for any of your help! Thank you in advance!

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