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I need your help to move my animals to their new home

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My name is Natalie.

I grew up on a beautiful farm close to the mountains, where my family moved when I was just 6 years old. My mum carried a business here (of accomodation and other amenities) through the years, where I was side by side with her handling all different aspects of farm, business and life. I went on to do some travelling, moving around and exploring life outside of the farm, while still coming back for frequent visits and helping out for periods at a time. 

I officially returned home at the beginning of last year. The business was and had been dwindling for some time, as tourism along our coastline was becoming scarce.

We were struck by the wave of Covid-19, forcing us to shut our business down completely. I decided to stay and help look after things with my mom for as long as it took. 

But things got more dire, as the business was now gone and both of us were now unemployed. 

Within a few weeks we had an offer on our farm and decided it would probably be for the best to sell our precious homestead. It hasn't been easy since June 2020 through to present day.

The new owners took ownership during January this year, and we have had to stay on (now as tenants) to accumulate what we can each month to officially move to our new property. However, once paying the monthly rental and other small monthly contracts, we are left with very little. Sometimes only enough to secure feed for our animals.

We were officially told on Thursday 12 August that we now have one month to the date (12 September) to vacate completely and be moved out.

I've done everything in my power to have a longer extension granted to us but we now have 3 weeks and a few days to make this happen.

The new property is gorgeous. But.

We have enclosures to have built for all our wolfdogs, donkeys, cats and chickens. We have a beautiful wooden  home on stilts awaiting us, but it is not secure enough for us to even consider moving into yet. Doors, windows, and a driveway still need to be done.

We have transport fees. Sleeping meds to calmly move the animals without causing trauma. Labour fees. Hiring fees for a TLB and labour for ground leveling. 

Materials. Load moving. 

There is also no water connection yet, and no electricity.

Yes, there's A LOT that needs to be done..

But I am reaching out with all my might to get as much help as possible to help us! 

Our animals are the number one priority and number one step to get done. 

We received quotes and got our last official quote for all the work to be done (received last night 14 August), and I have even decided to sell my little wooden cabins that were going to move with us (one for my art studio, one as an outside living space) but have no offers or responses yet, and we are running out of time.

I really, really need your help. Please share far and wide, and help us finally create sanctuary that we've always dreamed of. 

I thank you.


Natalie (Fae)

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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