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Help Dad to get back healthy and happy

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Hi everyone

Dad lives in Kedah, Malaysia and lives with his wife. He has 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. All of them are married and have families of their own.

Initially, Dad had a wound on his right big toe and soon the wound got worse causing him to lose his entire big toe and was diagnosed with chronic diabetes last year. His health condition deteriorated after that and he was just lying in bed and needed the help of others to do something.

Before Dad got this disease, Dad was a healthy externally and worked hard to make a living with his wife but now he is no longer helpless and only depends on others. Various treatments have been tried by his family either in the village or at the hospital but his condition still has not improved and now his leg injury has spread to his left leg.

Since Dad got sick, Dad and his wife's household expenses have increased due to the increased cost of diapers, milk and the cost of washing the wounds that need to be washed every day to prevent infection on the doctor's instructions.

Their eldest child has 5 children and only works in the village. His wife is also a cancer fighter for many years and is still undergoing treatment at the Hospital while his second child is a poor asnaf registered with the Zakat Board and has 8 children. Her daughter according to her husband works in another state.

Dad had been admitted to the hospital several times due to a worsening infection on his foot and had caused the entire big toe of his right foot to be removed by the doctor to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts. Currently, Ayah is in the process of registering OKU under the Social Welfare Department.

May Allah SWT. facilitate my father's affairs and give him healing and good health. May their family members be steadfast and resilient to face this test of Allah SWT.

Cost of treatment and remuneration required by the father and his wife:

a) Milk RM90 x 4 packs per month = RM 360

b) Pampers RM 20 x 15 packs per month = RM 300

c) Wet tissue = Rm 25 x 4 = Rm 100

d), Cost of wound cleaning equipment per month = Rm 400 x 4 = Rm 1600

e) House Rent = Rm 500

f) House expenses + electricity /water bill = Rm 500

Amount = Rm 3360

RM 3360 x 6 months expenses = RM 2016

I would be very grateful if you could share about my project with the [Help with share] button!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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