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Dream Auto: Repair & Customization Shop

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My name is Job Cabanela, I'm 24 years old (year 2021), I live in the Philippines in a small town called "Daet, Camarines Norte" and I am currently in my 3rd year as a Mechanical Engineering Student and this is my story and my dream.

To make this long-life dream come true: "BBRRRMMM!!!! Brapapapapa!!

Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by automobiles, seeing them on television and on the road. I even remember seeing one on the road with my father. I ask my father "Pa, what is that? The people inside the box with four wheels?" then my father replied, "That's a car, boy."

It was so cool and I wanted to ride one! That's where it all started.

Moving to my 3rd grade in elementary, I still remember that I watched something on the television at the Discovery Channel or was it the National Geographic Channel, I can't really remember which one, it was a car called "Lancer" (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) it was moving gracefully at a dirt course with such speed, I was like "what the what!!!" it was so freakin' awesome, hearing the engine roar like "BBRRRMMM!!!! Brapapapapa!!"

It was the most awesome car I have ever seen, even when I am at school I was thinking of it, I even try to draw it on a piece of paper, every time with the name of the car written on top "LANCER!!" then, after school me and my buddies walk towards home, it's not far just less than 2 km.

Moving to Highschool, Bruno Mars makes his first debut with his first hit single, "Just the Way You Are", and in our graduation picture, we need to put the dream career/work/business. I do not know what should I put, since my dream of building cars is not a reality for me, since, my family is poor, I know that if I tell them that I want to build cars and become a professional race car driver, they would just say that it's ridiculous, and even if they didn't my parents can't afford it.

I came from a family mindset is to get that degree get a government position stable job, that's it. Also, my father wanted me to be a soldier. My mother didn't have a job, she was just a housewife.

After flunking my test for the Philippine Army and my father not supporting me in my dreams, having an affair with multiple women and declaring that he and my mother was over and left us with my little brother and mother. I pursued the course, Electronics & Communication Engineering. I tried for 3 years, but it wasn't the one that I want. I just enrolled because it was the only one that is available at the time.

Then I looked for another school and guess what, I enrolled at Camarines Norte State College taking the course of "Mechanical Engineering" and now I'm in my 3rd year in this year 2021.

This pandemic (Covid-19) happened which cause the class had to be taken online. So, getting my hands dirty at a laboratory is taken away. I applied for a student assistant at my school and got a salary of 3,000 PHP (around $60 USD) per 100 hours in a month.

I want to work on some project cars to apply what I have learned at school. It's been my dream business to create, custom, & repair cars. But I don't have the necessary tools, to begin with, like, an OBD2 scanner, basic tools, jack stands, angle grinder, MIG welder, a car to work on, and some basic maintenance for cars (different kinds of oils, tires, break pads, spark-plugs, etc.)

That is the reason why I ask for your help, to make this long-life dream come true.

The plan

My plan is to rent a small garage to work on and with a help of a friend that has experience as a mechanic, to help me get started. I need to start small to understand the basics typically restoring and fixing 90's cars is where I'm aiming at, but also fixing some basic maintenance and repairs for the modern cars. I aim to fix these old cars because most of them are the first vehicle that they owned and I know that it means a lot to them. I want to build a shop that cares for the customers, not just some, mechanic who takes advantage of their customers. I want them to feel that their beloved car is in good hands and they can trust me.

When the time has come that I'm going to have a place/building that I own and save up some money. There I will make my dream and my customer's dream vehicle come true. Restoring, customizing, and repairing cars that the average person can afford.

Also, I will make a Youtube channel for you to see our progress step by step. (name of channel in the future - Dream Auto: Restoration, Repair, & Customization or Dream Auto: RRC)

As my deepest thanks for helping my long life childhood dream, when I have the Dream Auto: Restoration, Repair & Customization Shop. All of those who helped to reach my dream their name will be on the walls of the shop engraved in copper.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say "Thank you!" and also "Rage your dream!"

I beg and would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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