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Nanay Apo Housing and Rehabilitation Project

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Who is Nanay Apo!!!

Nanay Apo is the old lady Nomer saw limping one night in the street. He just finished his Lalamove delivery service when he passed by a dark street Presbyterian Church at Brgy Salawag, Dasmarinas, Cavite.

He stopped at the old lady and help her carry her things and assist her up to the place where the old lady stays.

Arriving at the area, he saw that the old woman has no place to sleep properly and no shelter to protect her through the night specially during rainy season.

He learned that the old woman has only her cats with her and that she went home that night so as to check on her pet cat whom she said hasn't eaten yet.

Despite her own situation the old lady has a kind heart for small creatures and animals.

Piles of junk was found in the area and only an umbrella and a chair to hold the old lady for the night.

Going home Nomer did not forget about the old lady. He immediately think of ways to alleviate her sufferings despite him having limited income and resources.

He then asked permission from his foster dad Romeo Patricio so he can donate the 2nd hand double deck he bought from an online seller.

The double deck remain unused since it was bought. It was actually purchased before to assist a person who needs cash that moment and her way of generating fund was through online selling those pre-love furniture and appliance. During pandemic no renter occupied her Condominium and to cover her expense she sells the furniture inside for cash and that' s how Nomer got hold of two of her double deck.

Nomer, was actually thinking how he can build a small shelter for the old lady considering her situation when he saw her.

Since it will pass a small alley and mini bridge before you can reach Nanay Apo's place he thought of a much better way to do it without much hassle.

The double deck being detachable was much comfortable to detach and convert considering the rough road along the way.

So he then painted the double deck to make it more presentable and then asked me to help her with the project.

We, together with our workers Dino and Enno who are skilled construction workers drive all the way from General Trias where the double deck was located and brought its loose parts one by one Nanay Apos place.

The workers assembled back the double deck and together with the construction materials we bought to complete the temporary house fixed it to how it is now.

The walls of the double-deck turned mini shelter where made of Bamboo and canvass "lona" or double-coated woven sack. It is made of non-expensive materials but better than none-at- all.

With the help of the workers, the house was build just the way we envision it.

The funds we will generate will use to alleviate human sufferings and assist her to have at least a private restroom, kitchen and utensils and some basic need so she can have a decent living.

We plan to give her livelihood adequate enough for her to start-a-new.

Just a backgrounder. No source of water and electricity in the community where she lives and her means of light is by candle light at night and she fetch water by cart to a far neighborhood where water is possible and it is by paying P1 per gallon.

She will bring the water all the way from a far using a broken cart so it is so difficult to conveniently transport water from the neighbor where source is present up to her own spot.

I would be happy if you could use this [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

For in- kind donation you may send it at Block 17 Lot 18 Fairwayview Subdivision Salawag, Dasmarinas, Cavite look for Froilan Nomer Valenzuela- Project Proponent. 09951941373 or 09171148877 Martha Abigael Vinegas- Project Manager.

Gcash donation can be sent thru the following numbers 09951941373 Froilan Nomer Valenzuela and 09369766313

Martha Abigael M. Vinegas

Thank you so much and more power.

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