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Hi  everyone

Thank you for reading my story. 

I'm Ella age 36, from Singapore. 

I would like to seek your kindness and help with any amount, to my family, my dad and my mum.

My dad age 72years old. My mum age 66years old. My mum is diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. On 21st May after she had her dinner at home, my mum suddenly had a fall while walking to her bedroom. The fall cause her stroke, and left brain damage/bloodclot and swollen. No choice, even it is risky might lost 50/50 of her memory.  And had to operate as soon as possible, (small part of her left skull had been removed) 

After few days of the operation, doctor found out that her right leg is getting cold..there's no pulse. And in a week after been under observation, doctor inform us that my mum's leg need to be amputate as theres infections and her leg is turning black and her toes is shrinking (gangrene). There's no other way to save her leg.

Such a big blow to us and we are sad that this is happening to our mum..

The amputation is too risky, doctor said if her heart is not strong enough, the heartbeat might stop  during the amputation, we might lost our mum but if we refuse to amputate it the infections in her blood will become worse and will spread to her organ/kidney.

We have no choice and with heavyhearts we proceed with the amputation.. we pray to God n night ... We can't sleep.. thinking about the decision we had made.  We know n believe our mum is a fighter. She's able to pull through her brain operation and now her leg amputation,she had suffer alot.. 

Mum leg had been amputate till her lower thigh,we can't believe this is happening to our mum.The leg that used to walk with us when we were small.. the leg that used to play with us when we were small..the leg that had sacrifice alot for us, for our family... THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN FOR OUR MUM.. 

Now already 3months my mum still in hospital.. she lost a partial of her memory.

She suffer stroke..she can't move..she can't talk...anymore.. and still eat by using feeding tube... Can't eat normal... and soon she will be transfer to community hospital where they will provide more proper care with physiotherapy and experts dealing with stroke patients.(community hospital cost more than a normal hospital)  

I know this is a long term struggling... 

And the struggling will never end..... My dad is too stress with home bills..  the 3months hospital bills.. transport fare.. daily expenses..and if my mum can go back home, we had to be well prepared, - hospital diapers..wet tissues..medications..checkup..and physiotherapy appointments...transport fare as my mum can't walk anymore.

 I can't afford much as i had my own struggling n financially unstable. Im a singlemother, I have two kids and I'm working as a cleaner. Only by this fundraising way.. I hope I able to get some help for my parents..... 

"I hate to see my parents in this state, condition and im finding ways to help my parents"  

To those beautiful souls who is willing help,

Thank you so much...

May God bless you... 

stay safe always.


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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