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I need help on the payment for my kidney transplant surgery

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I work as a nurse, in a private hospital located in Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California Sur, Mexico, in which they provide me with medical expenses insurance, however, there were problems and it did not cover my surgery. All this renal process began in October 2020, unfortunately I got sick of covid-19, even having all the necessary precautions, in November of the same year I got sick of appendicitis, even being a covid-19 positive patient, and before the surgical treatment they made me several blood studies, in which it turned out that my kidneys were very damaged, probably because of the covid-19, I had a very serious anemia, it was necessary that they transfused me blood to stabilize me before the surgery of  because of this situation, I was hospitalized for 14 days, however I returned a few days later, because I had to start hemodialysis for the kidney damage that had been detected, they placed a catheter, which went from the right shoulder to the heart, to perform the hemodialysis sessions, in the process of placement, they punctured my right lung, which caused me a pneumothorax, because of this situation I was 7 days more hospitalized, with a valve in the chest to repair the pneumothorax. From that moment I started hemodialysis sessions 3 times a week to keep me stable, my life after this changed a lot, however, I started to work as soon as I could, not in the same way, nor in the same areas, but I remained active and hopeful of getting better with a kidney transplant. We carried out the transplant protocol, and my mom Alma Delia, was compatible to donate me one of her kidneys, that was good news, and everything seemed to be going well, I was stable, with a donor, and the medical insurance had helped me a lot with the expenses... But in July 2021, I was informed by my work that the medical insurance would be canceled because the payment of the policy had increased its cost to an excessively high amount (240 thousand pesos per month), precisely because of the expenses that my case had generated, we had to hurry to perform the transplant before August 18, 2021 or the policy would not cover the surgery, we obtained authorization on July 28 to perform the surgery in a hospital in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, but the next day the transplant program was canceled due to the number of cases of covid-19 that were in the city, at that moment I gave up everything for lost.  

A week later a doctor, began to look for more hospitals, and authorizations for surgery, until on August 14 gave me one last hope of being able to carry out the surgery with the policy before it expired, I was allowed to present my case in another hospital on August 16, I was allowed to present my case at another hospital on August 16th, in which I hoped to obtain the authorization from the hospital, on August 17th I would obtain the authorizations from cenatra and CETOT, and on August 18th the surgery would be performed, I spoke with the providers of the medical insurance to confirm that they would cover the surgery, and they told me that yes, everything seemed fine at last. ... 

My mom and I was operated on August 18th, a surgery without complications, and with a favorable prognosis... The next day, being already in recovery in the intensive care area for close observation, my wife at visiting time, gave me the news that would break me down, a few hours before visiting me received a call from my work, in which she was told that the medical insurance would not cover any of the hospitalization, surgery and treatment, we were unknowingly indebted from one moment to another, we managed to pay part of the hospital expenses so we could go home.

We used savings, loan to pay 550 000 thousand pesos, and we signed promissory notes where we committed to pay 30 000 thousand pesos monthly to pay the remaining 200 000 thousand pesos of the account.  

I ask for your help to pay the debt that this situation presented us, and continue buying my medications that I need to take, today I can not work, my mom either, I have no dad, and only my wife works, the rest of the family helps us enough to cover the cost of medicines, but barely enough for us, and we still have the pressure of monthly payments to be made at the hospital.  

I can answer your questions through my facebook, and to confirm that I am real, and I need your support.

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