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Because of a drunk driver, my best friend suffers a coma index 0.3, intracranial hemorrhage, trouble everyone to save him

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Hello everyone!

I wish good people will safe life

My name is Guo Jin. I am here in front of you, for my best friend. He is my friends who has been very good since childhood. We live in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Death penalty caused by a drunk driver

My friend just went out to buy some meals...

He was hit from behind by a 40 years old drunk driving man on Thursday. Because the light was dim that night, the drunk man was speeding up his car again.

My friend got severe injury. But the most abominable thing is that the drunk driver didn't hurt at all.

Now we can only hope that drunk driving people will accept punishment they deserves.

Help save lives

The accident is not necessary, and I have no money to pay my friend's treatment, let alone pay for his life.

If my friend had an operation today, it would be possible for him to stay alive for three or two apologies.

Call for people around the world:

Don't driving drunk, please! You can drunk to die, but let others live!

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