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Protection of family and children victims of artisanal mining

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A warm greeting from Boyacá Colombia.

The story of Betty Zurlay that we will mention below, is one of the hundreds of families that have been victims not only of the armed conflict, but also of mining artisan in Colombia. Colombia is a beautiful country full of beautiful landscapes and talented people, but it is also one of the most violent countries, with the highest internal forced displacement in the world and one of the highest in social inequity.

The story about Betty

Betty Zurlay Buitrón, 32 years old, arrived in the department of Boyacá for 16 years with his parents and brothers, victims of violence and forced displacement from the department of Huila, where several of his uncles and close relatives were murdered. And since their arrival in Boyacá, they met Jhon Fonseca, with whom they built a beautiful family in the municipality of Paipa, along with their three children Álison Brijana, 12 years old, Brenda Yaqueline, 9 years old, and Jhon Andrew Fonseca Buitrón, 2 years old. age.

On February 11, 2021, a serious accident occurred in which Jhon died at his workplace inside an artisanal coal mine, a family business in which he worked with his father and brothers and the only source of income.

It is worth noting that Boyacá is the department with the highest accident and mortality rates in mining; All this occurs due to the lack of knowledge and adoption of safety regulations in artisanal coal mining by its workers. Also, mining ranks second among activities that include child labor in Colombia, where many of our children drop out of their studies, or their school processes are highly affected by mining activity. There are cases where children who dabble in coal mining work in Boyacá have suffered accidents and serious effects on their physical, psychological and emotional health.

That is how Betty Zurlay and her three children remained completely unprotected, without sources of income for their subsistence, since Jhon dedicated himself to working to provide food for his home, while Betty took care of his children. Thanks to the solidarity of their neighbors and continuing with the construction of their house that they had started with Jhon, they helped with the roof and finished building some walls. However, the house where they live is in unfavorable infrastructure conditions, without public electricity service, sanitary unit, drinking water and internet access. This has greatly hindered the school development of Alison and Brenda who are in grades 6 and 4 respectively and where they must walk two and a half hours to and from their school.

Let's give Betty and her three children a comprehensive support

With your help we want to give to Betty and her three children provide comprehensive support so that she has the necessary means of life to cover her basic needs. (1) Home improvement to protect them from the cold, buy doors, windows and glass especially; a sanitary unit, draped walls (gray work) access to electrical energy services. (2) Two bicycles so that Brenda and Alison can move to school more easily. A computer and internet access so that they can continue with their school process, which has been greatly affected in times of pandemic. It is also very important to help Betty so that she can buy a cow and obtain milk to make cheese and yogurt, and in this way generate income from her home, to cover food needs and other expenses for the maintenance of her children, while takes care of her two-year-old toddler and two school-age daughters.

Because Betty now, as a head-of-household mother, with no job opportunities, must generate the income to the subsistence of her and her three children; Added to this, the precarious housing conditions, lack of public services and dedicating time and attention to the care and protection of their children, we want to help mitigate their conditions of vulnerability and ensure that their girls can continue with education in adequate and favorable conditions. and prevent Betty from once again being a victim of displacement now due to problems of poverty, and exposing her daughters to the risks of dropping out of school, child labor or other types of risk or violation of their rights.

Consequently, our purpose is to ensure that Betty and her children meet her basic needs and guarantee children their rights to care, protection, health and educational needs.

The money raised will be invested as follows:

1. Improve housing conditions. Purchase of 5 doors, 7 windows, 1 sanitary unit, panels on floors and walls (gray work)

2. Access to public services. Installation of electrical energy.

3. Support for a computer, internet access and two bicycles so that the girls can travel to school.

4. Support to strengthen the productive project from Betty so she can feed her family. A cow, a cheese dam and a fridge

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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