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We want our Wonder Woman to Live Longer

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"A mother can take the place of others, but no one can take the place of a mother." - Unknown

My name is Maria from Philippines.

I am here seeking support for my mother's medical needs so she able to live longer

My mother fight with diabetes for about 30 years

When my mother was 37 years old, the doctor diagnosed that she has diabetes. She is now 61 years old.

She was fighting her diabetic for about 30 years while raising me and my twin sister.

Kidney failure at December, 2019

On December 2019, my mother skip beat of her heartbeat is faster than usual.

We visited the doctor and it was caused by the irregular of her heart that because of the high creatinine contain.

That case make my mother's kidney doesn't function and lead to kidney failure.

Need to do dialysis 3 times a week

There are an only option doctor suggest to us. To do dialysis that will prolong my mother lives.

She is now undergoing a Hemodialysis session 3 times in a week for 1 month now and just went home from the hospital 2 days ago after staying there for 9 days due to vertigo and CKD that caused us a lot of money.

We are striving to give my mama the best medical care that we know and we are also trying to provide everything for her from dialysis sessions, check ups and medications. But we still can't provide those things regularly because of its high cost.

$720 is necessary amount to have for my mother dialysis

For every session of dialysis it cost about $60. It might be a small amount, but we need to provide it every dialysis session, that every month we need to have 12 times.

Last February, my mother also admitted to the hospital urgently and because our family financial are not in good terms, we take a loan for my mother's medical needs. It is already cost us about $3,900

That is why we would like to raise a fund for my mama to support her medical needs.

Help us to support my mother life longer

I think this is the best reason why we created this project. To make my mama live longer because we can't afford to lose her. Because even though I think of it a hundred times or even millions, I can't think of days without her.

I know that we are all facing battles of our own, but I believe that no one deserves to face those battles alone.

We hope you can help us. God bless you all.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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