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I'm Rodrigo Nunes Cal, graduated in biomedicine at Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro (Uberaba - 2003-2007) with a postgraduate degree in Health Sciences (experimental lung cancer in mice) at Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. I currently work as an inspector of students after being approved in a public examination since 2012 in Sao Jose do Rio Preto where I live. I started to do my blog about science, technology and innovation in 2018. This blog contains a lot of relevant information and knowledge with very high quality! Many people from different countries have already accessed it and liked its content, such as renowned professors, scientists and researchers around the world. The world needs more efficient scientific projects and researches to formulate better medicines, vaccines and therapeutic substances, for sure. For these reasons, the dissemination of this blog that I made is of great importance for the entire national and to the world society, obviously. The society needs excellent innovations! The work was very hard to make this blog. I've barely spent money on social media (My Facebook Page which is directly related to my blog) for a better dissemination of knowledge and information contained in the blog. However, it is not cheap for promoting a Facebook page, for example. Of course, there are other social networks and websites that work in this sector. The purpose of all the money raised in donations is to pay for the promotion of my blog on the Internet and also as a way of recognizing this very complicated work that I had to do the blog. As many people know, motivation, in the form of money, for example, is essential for a person's life, directly interfering in their decision-making, quality of life, life projects, etc. Note: I made great efforts to spread it around the world on the Internet, I received a lot of positive feedback about it, I was invited in a short time via direct messages to participate in many scientific events of great importance because I participated in relevant scientific researches in Brazil (´´my´´ monograph and ´´my´´ dissertation), etc. Much of this data is on the blog. As many already know, Science needs to improve more and more, for people to live better and with longer lives. New scientific discoveries are fundamental to the progress of any country, obviously.

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