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Dear all,

Let me introduce you to all the great people out there. My name is Alexsandro Resende, a 37 year old man always working hard to achieve life's goals. I belong to a great country, Brazil, where I have lived since I was born. I am from Aracaju/Se - Brazil and live in Rio Grande do Sul since 2012 with my family.

I am an employment professional and also a resilient freelancer. In the past, I had a conventional job that supported my home and family. But I always had a dream of opening my own business and working for myself.

So in 2013 I decided to open my trade in portable electronics and computers, we were fine until the beginning of the pandemic from January 2020 until the month of March 2020 when the total closure of trade in Rio Grande do Sul, Para It's no secret that the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic changed everyone's lives more than others and things got ugly, after the store closed we tried to risk opening an e-commerce website to sell our products all over Brazil.. So with our website up and running, we invest in maintenance, marketing, advertising, google ads, facebook ads, among others...

More all this period with our website up and running, we have not been able to leverage sales on our website for a year without selling anything on the website, we only managed to make a profit in November and December 2020, already in January 2021 sales dropped, I couldn't sell anything else, and in the month of 2021, my family and I had Covid-19, I spent all my savings to cover medical expenses, medicine, food, pay for water, pay for electricity, pay for my house, and not I managed to keep my business running longer, until the month of May, when we decided to close the site. I couldn't keep my site up and running due to very high expenses, it's been months and months and we've completely exhausted all options to get funds to survive and restore my business.

But it's always hard for anyone to fulfill life's dreams when you're also taking care of the family. It is difficult to fulfill both ends, the only way to achieve something in life is to go beyond your limits, work efficiently and work extra hard to achieve your goals.

This is what I do. I work for a living.

I need seed capital to realize my project and fulfill my personal dream of reopening my business and creating a new e-commerce website

I am looking forward to the funds to develop reopen my business and the creation of a new website online.

I will definitely be using the fund raised from generous people around the world for the purpose of opening my business and creating a new website for my store.

I'm a hardworking person, I always work hard and I always dream of supporting the people around me. If I am established, I can support the people around me.

Help me establish reopen my business and create a new website for my business, helping me to raise funds for the costs for opening of my trade.

As soon as I reach the fundraising goal, I will be able to trade my trade with the amount raised.

Thanks and greetings

I hope to get a good response from the kind and generous people around the world.

I would be happy if you could use the [help by sharing] button to share about my project!


Alexsandro Resende

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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