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Hi my name is Karina and together with my partner Carlos Rivas, we are entrepreneurs, we live in a small town in southern Colombia called San Juan de Pasto, very close to the border with Ecuador. For 5 years we started a dream which achieved good results, we started a company with which we helped many people in the region because the infrastructure of our company was physical and we attended in person. 

We are psychologists and we have always wanted to contribute with our knowledge and skills to improve the emotional and psychological health of all those who have come to us.  

Pitifully the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and broke us economically, we had to declare bankruptcy and close the company and the dream vanished. 

In the middle of the coronavirus health crisis, we were looking for new ideas to continue with our dream, and we decided to undertake from the virtuality. So over 1 year of work, we have developed a project that aims to help all people not only in the region but expand to anyone who has access to a cell phone, to help improve their emotional and mental health through a self-analysis app. 

We started its design, we went through three previous ideas to reach the current one. The surprise was that when we met with a code programming company, they explained to us that what we had designed was a super project, much bigger than a simple app, they told us that it is a comprehensive information processing system, which is possible to achieve, but requires a large investment.  

While we were doing the design we were making our monthly savings, thinking that the cost was not going to be so high, But, when we started to present our project to different companies in order to start the programming and design, they agreed to tell us that the value to start with the first module (of the 14) would be USD $ 11,500. That is why we are looking for all possible sources of funding.With the resources we need to cover several important costs: 

1. 6 initial months of programming (writing the code). Pay the company the value it requires for the materialization of the app and be able to put it to work.

2. Paying for graphic design so that the interfaces are clear, user-friendly and pleasant for users.

3. Legal costs by paying a legal professional who is a specialist in the laws involved in technology, information management, contracting, etc.

4. Cost of professional in animation. There are several videos that need to be designed and animated, for the operation of the app with the end user. With which we seek to train end users on how to use the app and how they can get the best out of it to help with their mental health.

5. Business incorporation and accounting costs. It is essential to be able to incorporate as a company, but this entails monthly operating costs, such as the value of accounting, which is a requirement demanded by the government of our country.

6. Salaries of the people involved in the project. Initially we would have 4 people that would make up the scientific team behind the operation of the app, apart from us two, we need a professional in statistics and non-experimental research.

You would make me very happy if you would use the [Collaborate by sharing] button to share my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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