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Help me to save local languages (bahasa daerah) in Indonesia

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1. Introduction

I am the creator of the website, a site that has been providing dictionaries of regional languages in Indonesia since 2011. This dictionary displays the Indonesian meaning of a word in the local language. For example, the meaning of "enjing" in Sundanese is "morning" in Indonesian.

Currently there are several regional language dictionaries on which are obtained from various sources. However, the number of dictionaries and the number of words contained in is felt to be very lacking, while the need for data and information on regional languages in Indonesia is quite large. Therefore, I decided to complete and carry out further development.

2. Why am I raising funds?

In the first stage, I plan to increase the number of online regional language dictionaries at by 100 from the existing ones. The aim is to help the younger generation to learn and know their respective regional languages. It also intends to document the richness of Indonesian culture in the form of regional languages found throughout Indonesia. In addition, it also ensures that existing regional languages do not become extinct due to the influence of globalization.

This activity, of course, requires a lot of time and money. Therefore, additional funds are needed to develop and reproduce data and documentation of these regional languages. It should also be noted that according to, in Indonesia there are 719 kinds of regional languages in Indonesia. Of that number, 266 languages are in trouble and 75 are dying.

A linguist from a well-known university in Indonesia stated that due to the influence of the swift currents of globalization, at least 169 regional languages in Indonesia are currently threatened with extinction. If not immediately documented and rescued, the number of endangered languages could increase. The 169 languages on the verge of extinction now only have between 5,000 and 1,000 speakers. The languages spoken above 1 million within 100 years can still be saved. Languages spoken under 500 people include one language in Sumatra, 12 in Sulawesi, eight in Kalimantan, and 28 in Maluku. These languages will become extinct because there are no more young people who use them.

On the other hand, it was revealed that as many as 700 local languages will become extinct. If proper steps are not taken to save these languages, they will be lost. This was stated at the opening of the XI National Linguistics Congress.

3. Why should you help?

So far, the funds used for the provision of infrastructure in the form of hardware-software, internet connections, and the collection and editing of regional language data have come from very limited personal funds.

Fundraising is intended to provide funding for the collection, documentation, and editing of regional language data in the form of a more complete and more complete online dictionary so that it can be utilized by the younger generation of the nation's successors.

The benefits of can be described as follows:

a. Documenting regional languages in the form of an online dictionary that is easily and quickly accessed from a computer or mobile device.

b. Preventing the extinction of regional languages by providing opportunities for the younger generation to learn them.

c. Helping the world of education, especially teachers, parents and students in learning Indonesian regional languages.

Therefore, I invite you to help preserve regional languages in Indonesia in the form of the online regional language dictionary.

4. How will the funds raised be used?

The funds collected will be used as well as possible to reproduce data and develop the regional language dictionary website so that it is more complete and more beneficial to the community. Activities that will be carried out such as searching and collecting data, editing data, repairing and further developing the website will use these funds, so that it can be even better.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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