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Save a Life to a Child

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My little son Antosha is almost 4 years old and he is very sick.

Let me tell you about the treatment of my son in Ukraine. After the first treatment in the Kherson Children's Regional Hospital in neurology, the first attacks of epilepsy appeared. With subsequent treatment, it was possible to decrease the attacks with a large dosage of drugs.

With this prescribing drug treatment, Antoshka stopped developing. An alternative treatment was not proposed, since this is not practiced in Ukraine, and the drugs that he takes have many side effects, including inhibiting its development (doses are only increasing).

If Antosha continues treatment in Ukraine, he will become disabled for the rest of his life, and will not be a full member of society. We are with our son 24 hours a day, as we need always to be there.

An alternative of treatment was offered in Israel and they are ready to help, so that Antosha will soon recover and choose the right treatment that will help our son develop. Israel is the foremost in the treatment of the latest technologies and drugs, and they also choose the right correction for development.

Antosha does not want to play with other children, plays with cubes (throws and knocks) when trying to force him to do something, there is a tantrum that can and has already provoked an epilepsy attack more than once.

We want in Israel to choose the right treatment and correction of the development of Antosha. A long rehabilitation and correction of the child’s development will also be required.

My son was offered a treatment in Israel at the same time in two clinics that work closely together.

Epilepsy treatment at the medical center. Surasky (Ikhilov):

The approximate amount of diagnosis is 8.000 USD (We may need a vagus nerve stimulation operation (cost in the region of 50,000 USD).

IsraClinic Psychiatric Clinic for Children with Suspected or Confirmed Autism Diagnosis and Autism Spectrum Disorders:

The cost of treatment is 12000-17000 USD. Accommodation per day is approximately 400 USD per day (tentatively accommodation for 14-30 days), and we will also need to pay for the flight from Ukraine to Israel and back. It also requires a long rehabilitation and expensive drugs that can be prescribed and delivered from Israel by prescription.

Diagnosis: disability of group A.

Structural epilepsy with partial (focal) seizures that are immune to anticonvulsants.

Decrease in cognitive abilities with mentally retarded, expressive and impressive speech.

Violation of the communicative functions of ASD (autism spectrum disorder).

Contact with a child is limited, unproductive.

Speech is limited.

No contact with eyes.

Pathological stereotypes are present.

Lost self-service skills.

Social interaction is disrupted.

Productive psychopathological symptoms and signs are absent.

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