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Backgrounds for Casa Colombia: Animated Series

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Hello, my name is Luis Gabriel Angulo, I was born in Santa Marta Colombia and I am 26 years old. I have been a psychology student at the Universidad del Magdalena since 2015 and I am a Technician in Audiovisual Production with a degree from SENA in 2022. I have been an artist since I was very young, starting with music and writing, and later coming to audiovisual art.

Within this series we have the support of different people, one of them is Mateo Zuleta, an Autistic person who is motivated to work with us as a storyteller for chapters for the animated series. We see their participation as very important, since inclusion is an important issue when it comes to talking about peace.

On the other hand, we also seek the participation of different communities and ethnic groups in Colombia, such as indigenous people, Afro-Colombians, people belonging to the LGBTIQ+ community, the elderly, Colombian gypsies, people with physical or psychological disabilities,  among many other Colombian communities to explore.

CASA COLOMBIA is looking for a way to start making reality, and for that we need an economic boost that allows us to find those expert people to help us bring this animated series to life.

With these 1500 dollars, we will be able to make great progress in the production of said series , thus being able to be presented to different stimulus funds that support the culmination of projects in production and post-production issues.

I will include photos of our work team that have greatly supported us until this moment and in advances that we have managed to achieve.


It should be clarified that all the information about the series as well as the images and characters that will be shown here, are registered in the NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF COPYRIGHTS of Colombia in the name of Luis Gabriel Angulo De La Hoz.


First teaser: d/19sMZCCuBNDgKvmADXFa8YN1zKUE77Z89/view?usp=sharing

Real photo taken by me from Buritaca school (main school of the animated series)

Previews of the series trailer:

previews of Casa Colombia characters:

Sebastian's mom

Jesus (protagonist)

Maria (Protagonist)

Sebastian (Protagonist)

Sebastian's grandfather

Our team

from right to left:

Jorge Pardo, Mateo Zuleta, Arturo Duran, William De La Rosa, Luis Angulo, Aura Alvarez. Nubia de la Hoz, Jorge Palencia.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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