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Need financial aid to ease my family burden

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Dear all,

My name is Davin Sugumar. Now I'm 30 years old. This project story will be long as I am facing a complicated life challenges.

Unfortunate Family Background

My mom is having many issues (nerves problems) due to her spinal cord tumor. She got it 12 years ago and ended becoming partially paralyzed at her left side, becoming bed-ridden and requires me to give her constant care up to today, sometimes taking office leaves.

At the same time (when I was 14 years old, as I remember) my dad lost his job and ended up having depression and schizophrenia. This was going on until one day, he totally disappeared.

During that hard times I had no choice but to look after my siblings while I go to school for several months. I and my brother finally live separated from the rest of family for good. We were placed on a charity home in Petaling Jaya.

Pursued Degree from a Charity House

I was still living in the charity home pursuing my degree in University. After leaving university, I found a job and move out of the home with some savings, and rent a room (till today). My brother moved in with aunt to help out on my sister, since my grandmother passed away.

On the other hand, I'm looking after my mother, travelling back and fro. Most travelling is done during lunchtime of work (twice a week) as it's close by to my previous employment, usually using my colleagues car. It was when I work at my previous job for almost 5 years at Batang Kali.

My new job requires me commuting in longer distance

I was financial alright until last year when I've changed my job to an Operation Manager (first time taking on a manager role) in a local company. I'm currently renting a room in Batu Caves and travelling to work back and fro, from Balakong. Below is the map from my current residence to work.

Despite a slight increase, the new job has more travelling and additional expenditures. Prior to working there, I worked as an engineer. I travel to work by van provided by the company. Below is the map:

Amid hardship, I took bad decision

My situation gets worst after I move to the new company. Firstly, I borrow a car from my friend to take me to the new workplace, be promising half of his monthly car payment. He agreed for a year (as he travels by bike to work and he has a van) and I should be able to buy a car by then.

On top of that, my mother begin having many different complications on her nerves, which sometimes require me to take leaves often and travel to see her with my friend's car. I'll have to get her vitamins, feed her rice (she only eats proper food when I feed her), give her motivation and come home.

I had a loan with a colleague from my previous employment and I promise him that I'll pay him in full before leaving to the new job. Hence, I borrow some amount of money through a lender to pay him off, pay some money to my friend for the car and got some provisions for mom. I promise to the new lender that I'll pay him off once I've got my first paycheck from my new company.

Little did I know that the money lender charges interest on weekly basis, and I thought I could pay him off once with my salary (by doing extreme budgeting).

I'm stuck in the middle of loan sharks

On top of the first day unpaid leave, I took to collect medicine for my mom, I only received less than half the pay of my salary (13 days pay to be exact). This not only put me in a spot where I could not pay the lender, I barely have enough money to cover my expenses for the next month, let alone supporting my mother in terms of provisions.

I paid half to the lender to buy some time so that I could borrow from the banks, but banks will only allow loan if I work at least 6 months plus to get confirmed in my new employment. I have to negotiate with the lender for some time, and he provide me a very 'bad' solution, but this is the only solution I had at the time. The solution - borrow from his other money lender friends and pay-him, but on weekly basis. I have to comply as the interest was keep increasing.

I ended paying 6 times the amount in the span of 3 months. The situation become a big problem where I was in a never ending loop of borrow/pay for many months until February 2020, where I had to borrow some money from my new company and collateral borrowing (gave both my laptop and phone as collateral for money), and finally paid off. As of February and March, I'm no more paying the lender, but I'm paying the extension fees for my collateral (until I've collect them back) and getting deducted from the company monthly until I finish paying them.

Please support me to go through this crisis

Right now, I've worked for 6 months. I can apply bank loan, but with the lock-down going on, it will take a while to stabilize myself. On top of that, I need to get a small car of my own as I have to return it to my friend by September 2020.

Apart from me supporting my mother, I've been supporting my sister financially as my brother is working but supporting/helping my aunt back in Petaling Jaya. With them depending on me financially, I have no choice but to arrange my own finances whenever I could.

The condition of my mother is not getting better yet. Couple of year a ago, she had to do a minor clean-up due to puss. Now she get complication on the backside of her head.

Hence, she can only get a proper care once I'm financially stable to bring her to live with me and give her proper care.

Funds to help me cope with my family needs

All I need is some additional money of $1500 dollars to stabilize myself in the span of 4 months (April, May and June 2020) and will the amount in full by 1st week of July. I need the first 3 months to get my commitment under control and also to support my mom on her essentials.

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