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My name is Al-Amin Saheed Babatunde. 

I am a final year student at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (Nigeria). I am currently working on my final year project on "Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Flood Vulnerability Mapping" using Artificial Neural Network, ANN and Random Forest, RF. 

The deadline for my university project is by late November in fulfilment of my B.Tech. Degree in Applied Geology. I am a first class student with a CGPA of 4.62. My mum is currently on indefinite leave having diagnosed with partial stroke considering her high episode of hypertension dilemma just last month. I also have a younger brother who currently studies in my university and a 200 level student of Mining Engineering. The current hike in tuition fee across most varsities in Nigeria had played a toll on financing the both of us simultaneously. Likewise the zero contributions from distant family members. 

Also, I've had to replace my hard drive recently to cope with the tons of applications software needed for the machine learning algorithms and episodes of videos tutorials for apt discernments of the Python programming language.

Floods are devastating natural disasters that affect countless lives and communities worldwide. I strongly believe that the power of technology can make a significant difference in mitigating this risk. My goal is to develop an innovative flood vulnerability mapping system using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. This system you see, would provide advanced predictive tools to identify vulnerable areas, enabling better disaster preparedness and response. 

My traveling expenses, grid map productions, machine learning tutorials and ArcGIS trainings and exigencies has cost me roughly $780, which rounds off to about #800,000 ('Naira' in Nigeria). I am in possession of all related receipts and photo evidence for my field work exercises. I spent exactly 17 days at Ughelli from Akure, to finalise my reports, taking advantage of heavy rainfalls and eventual consequential environmental impact of the latest Cameroon Dam release and insights from residential occupants. Other astute reality are the subscription fees and certification courses for my programming classes on Python, real-life trainings by few expertise recommended by my supervisor, Coursera and LinkedIn concurrently, et cetera (etc.).

Conspicuously, I have just returned from Ughelli in Nigeria with exactly 124 GPS coordinates. I am on the next episode of actualisation via Remote Sensing (using hyperspectral imaging), using ArcGIS and other application softwares, for further data evaluations, as recommended by my project supervisor, Prof. J. Owoseni, here in The Federal University of Technology, Akure and in the field of Applied Geology, for the completion of my project work. Supposedly, your support is crucial in making my project a reality. By contributing to my final year project, in the Federal University of Technology, Akure; you are directly aiding me in the following areas:

1. Advancing Flood Prediction: My AI-driven models with the combo of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Random Forest (RF) methods, would enhance flood forecasting accuracy, giving communities like (Ughelli) more time to prepare and evacuate.

2. Strengthening Resilience: With your help, I could develop tools that empower communities to proactively address flood vulnerabilities and reduce the impact of these disasters.

3. Promoting Research and Education: My university project at the Federal University of Technology, Akure in Nigeria, also fosters academic growth, offering learning opportunities for aspiring scientists and engineers in the field of AI and environmental science.

Join me in the fight against flood-related disasters. Your generous donation would help me develop a powerful tool to protect vulnerable communities in Nigeria and make a positive impact in the cosmos, via my final year project. 

My unfettered admirations. Together, we can change the future of flood management in the cosmos.







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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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