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Help my father in Venezuela win cancer

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Hello everyone,

My name is Mairim Chourio, I am the daughter of Señor Jesús Chourio. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My dad and his battle against multiple myeloma

We are from Aragua state, Venezuela. The situation begins 6 years ago, my dad (65 years old) worked all his life as an executive driver, when he was diagnosed with the disease, he already had 4 years of formal retirement, so he only worked as a taxi driver so that the income was higher.

He was in treatment for one year and two more without presenting plasma cells in the body (myeloma), two years ago he began to have a lot of pain in his back and hip and this prevented him from walking completely, so we had to hospitalize him and perform an operation where he added bone wax to cover the holes of the injuries that had been formed in his hip by the same advance of the cancer, so we managed to stabilize him again and we thought that he would be like this for much longer.

Starting in December last year, he began to show symptoms again and his hemoglobin did not resist to the point that blood transfusions were needed to help him, but the deterioration continued.

Rare supply, medicine now costs us too much

Given the situation in Venezuela, I had to move to Buenos Aires to contribute with the expenses and to be able to help him since our resources were running out. Thanks to this, we were able to monetarily control the relapse she had and buy the corresponding medicines.

Until 2 months ago, that due to the same situation in the country, medicines are not arriving from social security, which is the only place where we could get them, however, through a waiting list we managed to buy them at a high-cost pharmacy, but my sisters and I can no longer cover these expenses since it exceeds our budgets (Bortezomid 3.5 mg, Zoledronic acid 4 mg, Cyclophosphamide 500 ml).

At this moment he is at home, only my mother and my sister with my nephews take care of him.

Please, help the financing to complete the amount that we needed, although during all this process my father has deteriorated a lot. In the last days his potassium dropped to almost 1.

Please help me

In case you can help me directly with the Medicines, I leave you the name and my contact below: +58 412-3471538

Any contribution is of great help, help me win this battle against cancer.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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