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Help to take Sergio to dolphin therapy

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Hello everyone, greetings from Mexico.

Sergio (my baby) has been a very desired baby for me and my husband.

He has been diagnosed with several diseases and needs therapy as a treatment, I want to improve his medical condition before it is not too late.

My son born premature and has several complications

My son was born premature at 28sdg and since he was born to struggle to live he had many complications. He had an enlarged heart causing heart murmur, he could not breathe because of it, so he was on oxygen at high levels for 40 days,

He had enterocolitis which would not let him eat since his stomach did not tolerate milk, his tummy swelled so it lasted 45 days, when we thought he was already improving he began to have sleep apneas, that is, he forgot breathing this due to his prematurity, and along with this he had two hemorrhages a grade 3 from the right side of his brain and another grade 1 from the left side

they realized that it could be due to spasms that he was having. Thanks to God after 80 days my son was able to leave the hospital and to be with us, over time we saw that he could not do many things which at his age he supposed already able to, so we took him to stimulation and we did not see many sign if it was improving

My son diagnosed with West Microcephaly Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy

At the age of 6 months we began to notice strange movements as if scared, but the doctors said that it was normal that it would pass when he turned 8 month

However, these movements became more intense so we decided to go to the hospital to find out what was happening, when they did a 4-hour electroencephalogram they realized that he had ips arrhythmias in his studies, so they told me that he had west syndrome, they did an MRI to see how damaged his brain and they realized that he had a smaller brain than it should be so they told me that he had microcephaly.

We decided to fight next to our little warrior, because our little warrior are fought so much and we would do it too, so we started several treatments,

The medicine and therapy expenses are expensive

The first treatment is prescribed vigabatrin and levetiracetam in maximum doses, but it did not take effect, so they decided to give him another medicine called meticortelone, which apparently helped him a little to control the ips arrhythmias. Each of these medicines are very expensive and we do not have social security and popular insurance does not cover it,

So we have sold things, we raffled things and asked for help from family, friends and acquaintances, even with all these medications, his spasms continued and he did not advance, he does not smile, he does not move his little legs or his arms, we do daily exercises with the hope that one day I managed to be self-sufficient,

I was investigating what else could do for my baby and I found medicinal cannabis so again we had to borrow and help family and friends to buy it, we managed to acquire a small bottle and apparently improved 8 times a day that he convulsed which were seizures that lasted 50 minutes nowadays give 4 or 5 of up to 20 minutes so if we have seen a better He would hear about his spasms

I would like to take him to join dolphin therapy

After some other research, we would like to take him to dolphin therapy which is offered in Guanajuato but the cost is somewhat high apart from that we are from Monterrey, this therapy consists of 6 sessions of 15 minutes so we must be there for 6 days and We have to pay for accommodation and transportation,

We want to take my son to these therapies since it is said that the waves emitted by the dolphins stimulate the healing of the brain and help the motor part

I ask for your support to achieve this, the place must be separated as soon as possible to not lose it and be able to process it this year since the brain has a plasticity that before the year can be molded and thus make neural bridges so that it can develop as well as possible

We thank you with all my heart for your support so that my baby can have these therapies

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