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Help the poorest of the Poor of Camiguin Island, Philippine

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Hello everyone,

Hi, I am Nora Jane Tadlas a resident of Baylao, Mambajao, Camiguin. I am nothing, I am working at Provincial Tourism Office and a Job Order of local government. I have low salary and I am also a mother, but in the current situation, I just wanna help people around me. I am thinking all over that I wanna help my fellow Camiguingon, the Camiguin Island people.

Camiguin people were also affected by the COVID-19

Camiguin is known to other country, it is the smallest province in the Philippines. We have islands, volcanoes, waterfalls, Lanzones Festival and some Important Cultural Property and Protected areas of the Philippines. Camiguin is also well known for its Sunken Cemetery. Camiguin has many to offers, but because of this pandemic, there are many people have lost their job.

By this time, it is really hard to go out specially there's probable case in your city. I feel so sad when there are plenty of people don't have work because of this pandemic.

There are workers who lost their jobs because of the COVID 19. The most affected occupation are the employee of the resorts and there are many of them. I know it well because they are in the field of my work. I am thinking how they sustain their daily needs, their children's milk? The food and others.

These are the people worked in the government doing their job for the inspection of every person about COVID-19.

The beneficiary people and the budget

I create this fund raising to support the needs of the people in Camiguin. Those people who lost their job because of this pandemic. There are about 250 people. But during the process I will choose only those employee who can't buy food. Let's say, the "The poorest of the Poor" to receive the relief goods.

My budget for per person is 300.00 PHP or $6 USD. I will try my best to get more help from other people so I can provide more items for them such as rice, canned goods, milk, and noodles. Depends how much I can get, I will provide the best I can do for them.

Please assist Camiguin Island 's People

I am very much willing to help the people of Camiguin, that's why I made this project. If this fundraising will be successful I am very much happy as my birthday gift of myself.

I am here knocking on your heart to help me support this fund raising. I know that we encountered this pandemic, but we are all as one. I care and I love to help. I wish that you will share any amount. It will be a big help.

Here's my email address/paypal account:

God bless us all!

Keep safe everyone!

Thank you

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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