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Hello everyone!

I am Diana teresa rueda, from Colombia.

I am fundamentally the Director in the world of Max, I am a professional trained in language therapy for children at the school level.

A magical place called Max's world

My husband and I, We are Maximilian's parents. He inspired me in many ways to build Max's world, a world for girls and boys.

We decided to build Max's world. Max's world, In short: a magical place. Built by and for children. We are in Colombia, in Bucaramanga exactly.

6 months ago we launched this space to strengthen language and development processes in our multi-entertainment area. We also began to grant scholarships to children in the sector, with few possibilities to pay for specialized tutorials with the intention of serving and sharing our motto "if you reach the language, you reach the understanding of any school subject"

What we do

Max's world is a program in Bucaramanga that brings the game back to the forefront, so much so that we manage to generate language, articulate phonemes, we make the child understand writing and its rules, Playing! We are a different program, and the best thing about it is that we are a program that works. Doing language sessions from the game.

Currently, we have 20 Childrens in our care

12 CHILDREN PAYING and with this money we had scholarships to 8 CHILDREN (COMPLETELY FREE) X MONTH. The program was successful and we had 6 CHILDREN TO PAY SERVICES and 6 more children from the Giron - Santander sector to be awarded.

Max's World is affected because of covid-19

A great challenge for a very small company like this, now hit by the mandatory closure due to the health emergency by COVID 19.

We had to close since March 17 by quarantine and the clients did not continue to pay us, several parents because in turn they were left with their contracts settled and others because they were also micro-entrepreneurs and they were also without clients. They don't even have a computer at home or broadband INTERNET so they were also limited in our service.

If we can sustain ourselves with the support of this campaign while the children can go out again when the emergency passes through COVID-19, the partner children (that is, the children who pay for the service) these children will not lose their process, their progress and allow continue making Max's world known so that more children come to us and achieve our great mission which is our greatest reason for existing:

Usage of the funds

There are 6 employees in Max's world(2 Pedagogic guides, 1 Cleaner, 1 School logo, 1 cook, and 1 Food provider.

The objective is we need to achieve US $1,000 so we will be able PAY THE SUPPORT OF THE WORLD OF MAX, In order to have our doors open by the time the quarantine ends.

In other words, being able to pay: the lease of may, the June lease and pay the workers and percentage of 15% of their contractual salary to avoid more poverty and help them sustain themselves in a crisis that does not allow us to pay a full salary right now

Please help us not to close our doors

Help us with your donation to cover the maintenance and payment expenses of our space, while our parents recover their jobs, reactivate their micro businesses and thus avoid triggering more poverty and fewer opportunities.

Please help me not to lose my dream through Max's World. My dream of making a city more educated without the limitation being money since Scholarship programs here almost do not exist,

With your support, i really appreciate it, thank you so much!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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