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I want to fight starvation and hunger in my community

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Hi everyone!

I'm Peter Simiyu. I'm 32 years old professional secondary teacher and the co-founder of Care Support Organization (CaSO), an organization for the empowerment, education and community development of young people.

About Care Support Organization (CaSO)

Care Support Organization (CaSO) is a community based organization which carries out its program through sports aimed for the young people education, employment and community development.

I am the co-founder and the Executive Director at (CaSO). I'm so grateful for this organization, as it serves the Pokot community, my native community.

Flood and Landslides Stroke West Pokot Community

On 19th April 2020 midnight the Chesegon village was affected by flooding and landslide destroying houses, schools, the market and police station. 50,000 families were affected to the extent of loosing some of their family members, livestock and other properties.

Together with Kenya Red Cross and other partners from the government, we rescued the victims, traced missing people and resettled the affected people. The landslides destroyed so many homes and took many lives.

Help us to alleviate hunger among Pokot families

Due to global pandemic COVID-19, this flood and landslides have caused severe starvation and hunger, especially affecting children.

The affected families have been receiving support from the government and now have started to construct houses to resettle families. As a grassroot organization we'd like to support the affected families with food and basic needs items.

Items we intent to buy from the fundraising funds donations are: kitchen utensils such as cooking pans, cups, plates; bedding; food items such as flour, beans, sugar and cooking oil; and crop seedlings to start farming that will sustain their food supply; and basic school supplies such as books, pens and school uniforms for children.

Please support us to build our community

West Pokot community is found in a semi arid area and we depend on apostolist activities. By providing those basic items, we wish to help families to meet their immediate needs as well as give long term food supply foundation by means of providing kitchen utensils and crop seeds.

From our survey, if every family get $10 USD, they will be able to get those basic items. We will buy those items in wholesale price and distribute it to the affected families.

We will provide accountability for every $10 you donate as all the documents will be shared with you through our social media channels ( and website

Be blessed

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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