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I dream of a gaming monitor

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Hello, my name is Sergio from Colombia

I am currently unemployed for more than 9 months.

But I consider myself a sure person of what I want, proactive, able to adapt to any situation or circumstance of life, supportive since I am always ready to serve those who need it in a disinterested way, lastly I want to indicate that I am a human being with purpose, that is to say that whenever I set myself a goal, in the end I always achieve it.

I would like to create my own business

Currently I am unemployed and I have found myself in the need of looking for a life project in which I can create my own business and thus be able to generate income

for this reason that I have decided to venture into the gaming world and become a content creator better known as a streaming for the digital platform of Facebook, platform in which I have been growing little by little and to date I have a number of 1090 users, I attach the link to all those who are interested in knowing my page and if wish you can follow me and enjoy my content (

How does streaming work?

Basically the users who follow me on my FB page connect to the streaming server through a single link and have access to the content that I am generating which are games, where they can also listen to the live audio signal or view the video transmission so that I can interact with me through a live chat and thus be able to provide them with entertainment

Proper gaming monitor is needed

I would like you to support me with this donation since this monitor gives me many benefits when it comes to playing the role of player, such as a good image experience, more fluid movements, increased experience when dealing with experienced players between other benefits.

I also provide good content to my users and thus, having a great experience in the transmission, they motivate me to make donations through this platform and thus be able to generate an income, turn this project into a source of income or be a job.

Here I leave a video of the monitor where experts explain the benefits.

Unboxing Monitor ASUS TUF VG27VQ:

I hope you can help me support my dream! thank you ,

best regards,

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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