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Dear friends!

We are a family from Ukraine and have been living in Ecuador for 10 years in a small village in the west of this country. We really love this country and its kind and simple people with whom we live close by. In connection with quarantine, a lot of people in the world were left without funds for food and ask for help. We understand that one of them has nothing to hope for. But for now, seeing that there are those around who are worse than us, we will try to help them. And if your heart tells you after reading to help us, please help.

Ecuador is in a critical situation. In this poor country, for more than 60 days, because of the coronavirus epidemic, people have been deprived of the opportunity to leave home and earn their own money. Now parents do not have any means to feed their children. Children are forced to stay in houses 24/7, where under metal roofs the temperature reaches +40 degrees. And because of the heat and crowding in the houses, the children cry and hear how they shout that they want to eat. Local residents who worked on construction sites, traded on the streets, and those who rented out the rooms for rent are now deprived of earnings, were left without a livelihood. They don’t even have money to buy food and make soup. In this place where we live, 80% of the population lived on tourism. But now the resumption of this activity in the country is not even a question. The country has a record number of infected in all of Latin America after Brazil.

The government of the country announced the catastrophic state of the economy and ordinary people are increasingly losing hope for the near restoration of their work and small business. The state cannot help them due to the economic crisis and lack of money. We want to help save at least the children of our village from hunger. We want to buy enough money for them with milk and bread, and if possible, the most necessary medicines, hygiene products. For every 10 dollars we can buy 12 liters of milk, for every dollar - 12 buns.

If this is your case to be the answer to a prayer, then do not look away, donate the amount which is possible for you! We will be grateful for any help so that through your donations the children will feel joy, love and hope.

Thank you!

Welcome comes back, and not empty-handed :)

Special thanks for the repost!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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