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Help Mark Anthony Cortez Live Longer

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Hello. I’m Mark Anthony Cortez, 32 years old, a husband to my selfless wife and a father to my 4 wonderful kids.

All my life I’ve been happy and healthy until something happened and my life turned upside down in a quick second. I have been experiencing what I thought was ordinary stomach pain in the past 2 years. Last year, I underwent colostomy ‘coz I have always believed that prevention is better than cure. The result came back normal and I freed my mind from worrying.

But on 4th of April 2020, I experienced another sharp stomach pain that was not relieved by usual over-the-counter pain medicines that I ended up being admitted in the hospital. I’m not even 2 days admitted yet but the medical team already decided to have me in an emergency surgery. I didn’t know how hard would it be. I’m not knowledgeable enough in the medical field, and I’ve never been sick before.

On my 2nd day of being admitted in the hospital for the first time, I underwent "Ileal ascending colon anstamosis secondary to mesenteri ischemia, S/P exploratory laparotomy, ileal and colonic resection with double barrel jejunostomy”. I still couldn’t understand what everything means, and no one can answer how it happened to a healthy 32 year old man like me. I woke up and they told me that a big part of my stomach was necrotized, 1 meter of my large intestine (usual size for a normal adult is 1.5 meters) is now gone.

I went home hoping to see my children and be with my family, but shortly after this, my wound dehisced and I woke up in the hospital again. My doctors did another surgery and found another rotten part of my intestine. I asked the doctor, “is there still even anything left for me?” This time, my small intestine was greatly affected. I was told that I only have 40 cm of my small intestine left (normal size for adult is 6 meters). I didn’t even have half of 1 meter. The health team told me that my body won’t be able to function the same way again, I will be dependent to TPN for the rest of my life to get the right nutrition I need (one bag of TPN costs Php 7,000/day).

I was in the ICU for my entire admission but my wife or any member of my family was not allowed to see me even for a single minute because of COVID-19. I was fighting in the ICU and all I wanted was to come home and be with my family.

The doctors said that my blood appears to be very thick and my heart function is erratic. I’m having a bad sepsis, and my kidneys are shutting down as well that might lead me to dialysis if I don’t get any better. I use to exercise every morning before work but now I can’t even sit unsupported. I thought that it will be the end of it, but here I am still in the ICU fighting for my life not only for me, but most especially for my 4 hopeful kids and strong wife. I have been the breadwinner of our family and it totally breaks my heart that everything I have worked so hard for many years have all been spent on my medical bills. Php 60,000 per day in the ICU is getting more impossible but I really want to get better and follow the advice of my doctors and nurses.

I am begging for your help, any small amount will go a long way for me and my family. I still want to raise my kids with my wife, and help other people as well when I get better.

Please, allow me to live longer, oh Lord!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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