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Family ostrich farm! Help is needed.

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Hello! My name is Vyacheslav, living in the south of Russia in a small farm, my wife and I decided to organize a family ostrich farm a year ago.

The story has begun.

Ш built a paddock, a lodging house and equipped a place for feeding birds. Found in the Krasnodar Territory a family of ostriches. They hired a van to transport horses, and the day came I went to get a bird. All bought a family of young ostriches, one male and two females. When transported to a permanent place of residence, one female suffered and died the next day (the male trampled her). Everyone was upset, their hands dropped a little. The first acquaintance with the bird did not work. But literally two weeks later, the male named SAM started flirting with a female named KERI. Arranging dances in front of his girlfriend)) with all subsequent actions. After a while, Keri laid the first egg weighing 1450 grams. On our farm, a holiday began, as the first egg was expected only for the next year. But they did not rejoice for long, telling the professional ostrich breeders about it. They did not receive a joyful answer that Sam, while young and not stubborn, could trample Keri to death and urgently need to bring another female. The family should consist of a male and at least two females. The search for the bird began again. We found a good option for as many as two birds for the price of one but 300 km from the house. Without hesitation, I take a friend to help and go for the bird. That the birds would calmly arrive, we ride at night without stress. It is also necessary to release a bird into a common enclosure in the dark, so that the owner Sam and the main wife Keri accept without conflict. All brought, we will observe.

A few days later, again, Keri's misfortune killed one of the birds. All birds began to have stress, they stopped eating and drinking, after 5-6 days everything was fine, the birds became friends. The guest received the name MARCH.

A week later, both girls began to rush. That was the first experience and acquaintance with ostriches. They started trying to sell eggs.After some time, quail, partridges and pheasants appeared. An ostrich farm smoothly became a bird farm).

The goal of our farm is to sell chicks and an egg.

The wife is on maternity leave and has been raising our daughter for 2.5 years.

Due to the current situation in the world, since the spring of this year I lost my main income and now I have to live on income from our farm. Since acquaintance with ostriches did not work out as we wanted, they did not have enough money for incubating eggs.

Help is needed in the purchase of the Incubator and Hatcher, The cost of the Incubator for 18 eggs is $1,050Hatcher - $800.

I hope someone helps me with my dreamThanks so much for reading and interest in my story.I will be grateful for your help!

All funds that will be used will be used to purchase the Incubator and Hatcher.

The only thing I need is support for deposits, and I can do business for my family, since we are not in a good situation.

I would be happy if you would use the [Help by sharing] button to share with my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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