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My name is June and I will be celebrating my 44th birthday this coming June 12. I am imploring all the good hearts of my friends, family, and everybody in the world to help make this birthday the BEST one.

I am doing this fundraising to help my classmate and her son for their medical expenses. Joshua is a 17-year-old boy who is suffering from brain cancer and Claire is losing her eyesight due to glaucoma.


I am part of a group named SUPPORT GROUP FOR CLAIRE AND JOSHUA. We are all college friends where we aim to support the medical needs of both Claire and her son.

Our group aims to provide Php 5000 (about US $100) monthly assistance for Claire and Josh and any items given in Kind (groceries, meds or vitamins, diapers, convene cath and urine bags among others)

Joshua suffering from brain cancer

As one, we are reaching out to you for our classmate, Claire Junio-Ledesma, and most especially for her 17-year-old son Joshua who is currently battling brain cancer.

In July 2019, Joshua was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They went to Manila on Sept 2019 where subsequently Joshua underwent partial excision of the tumor in PGH, followed by brain radiation and chemotherapy. Biopsy revealed Immature teratoma grade II.

At present, Joshua is back home in Bacolod City. He is wheelchair-bound, awake, or at times lethargic, fed via ngt (at times when he pulls it out, Claire would painstakingly feed him with blenderized food). He gives out incomprehensible sounds and has emotional lability (or mood swings).

The tumor has been found at the latest MRI

Latest MRI on May 2020 showed the tumor growing in size again and with hydrocephalus. Radiotherapy is not the best option anymore (because he was given the full dose last time). The Pediatric Oncologist advised Oral Chemotherapy as another surgery or chemotherapy sessions to carry great risks.

Claire herself had recent surgery for Glaucoma. She also has maintenance medications to help with the health of her eyes.

Please help us to extend the help for Claire and Joshua

Your generosity will surely mean so much. Claire and Sherwin (her husband) have only 2 children, Joshua and his twin brother Joseph. Claire doesn't let her health get in the way of caring for Josh and his twin. She's the main carer while Sherwin works as a Seafarer.

We remember Claire as a dear classmate and a helpful friend. Even though she does not ask anybody for outright help, we know she is crumbling emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. We really admire her strength in facing this unfortunate circumstance. Our admiration fuels our determination to help ease her burden.

If we can share our blessings, this will surely help lessen the load of a struggling mother. The more good samaritans into this together, the lighter the load she will be carrying. We will be very happy with any help you can extend to Claire and Josh.

Thank you very much for joining our cause. Claire and her family extend their thanks to all of us for our assistance and prayers. May the Good Lord bless you more ??❤

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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