Tris raised $1,590 to travel to Japan.

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We're currently navigating uncertain times, where cross-border fundraising is becoming increasingly complex and many regions worldwide, particularly in developing countries, lack access to crowdfunding options.

At Airfunding, we leverage decentralized blockchain technology to democratize crowdfunding, making the fundraising process accessible to anyone seeking support and to those willing to contribute.

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"I was dreaming to study in Japan for my goal to be fluent in Japanese and be able to work there. When Airfunding was released I applied. Study in Japan is too expensive to cover by oneself and even though my amount is not achieved, I got a lot of support from my friends! I want to say thank you to all the people who supported me and thank you, Airfunding!,"

Vini raised $1,235 to realize her dream to study in Japan.

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