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What is $t('airtripp_funding')

  1. Airfunding is a crowdfunding platform that helps people who don't have the economic resources they need to make their dreams come true. Individuals and organizations who want to collect funds, create projects and conduct fundraising activities.
  2. All collected funds will be delivered to the project owner.


  1. Are transactions made for Airfunding safe?

    As all transactions in Airfunding run alongside a partnership with the company This is a stripe logo of payment gateway no credit card information is collected by Airfunding. Stripe Inc. upholds a strict international standard when dealing with credit card transactions, and as such please rest assured when you decide to make a support.

  2. What are the options available to support?

    Supports can be made through credit cards and PayPal. As of now VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX are accepted.

    This is a paypal logo of payment method
    This is a visa logo of credit card brand
    This is a master card logo of credit card brand
    This is a american express logo of credit card brand

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About the operating company

Airfunding is a crowdfunding platform operated by KiHeiTai inc .

We aim to create a society where people around the world can help others beyond borders.

  1. Japanese company that provides cross-border social goods
  2. More than 50,000 projects projects opened from 171 countries countries so far.
  3. Running different types of projects like medical, community, education, art, etc.
  4. There are More than 10,000 people supporters from all around the world.