5 Top Fundraising Tips

After you have completed your project, have you ever felt lost and wondered what to do next?

  • How can I let my project be known?
  • How can I collect more support?

This page will help you to solve those problems for you even with an additional video by our community manager!

Share with friends

Sharing on Facebook, social media and WhatsApp raises more. You can also send Email to let them know about your project. This video will explain in more detail on how to do so!

Update your page

Let supporters know how you are doing by updating your page often, they will enjoy following your progress. This video will explain on how to make an update post, and what should be written in one in detail

Let your project be known to the world

After creating your project, get 3 supports from the people close to you and your project will be ranked up to the [Worldwide Stage]. With this, your project can be seen from the top page. More details in this video!