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Help us rebuild a roof damaged by fire

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Dear Airfunding community

I'm Andraz. I'm a mechanical design engineer from Velenje, Slovenia.

My best friends suffered a house fire

It saddens me to turn to you and seek your help but my 2 closest friends home just got hit by a blazing inferno that engulfed most of their house in flames. On 3.6.2020 at 2 PM, the fire spread quickly from one apartment to another due to an electrical fire. Almost the whole house got damaged.

The house is home to 3 families each living on their own floor. One of the families is my close friend Miran Vauh and his girlfriend Monika Hrastnik. The other two families are Miran's parents and his brother's family.

Best friends for 22 years, thanks to the mountain bikers community

I've met Miran Vauh when I was 13 during a mountain bike ride. It's been 22 years since we knew each other and a special bond formed between us. He is like a brother to me. We grow and live in the same town, Velenje.

A Lovely Couple of Mountain Bikers

Monika Hrastnik is a notable mountain biker. She signed with a successful French mountain bike team, Dorval, in 2018. Here's the news about her:

Monica and Miran have been in a relationship since 5 years ago. Miran who is a great biker, is now Monika's coach and mechanic. He fully supports her. They are the most lovely couple I know.

The House Fire Damages the Roof Structure

Back to the house fire disaster. So sad to see how devastated their home now. Moreover, there are three families living in this house.

The biggest part that must be rebuilt is the roof. In order to save at least part of the house, the fire department had to hose down the whole house. All the water ingresses to the whole roof structure during the fire extinguishing. Now the roof become the first thing they need to fix to avoid additional rainwater damage.

The Estimated Cost to Fix the Roof

Currently, the roof repair is still being evaluated. But the experts reckon it will cost around $20.000 USD since most of the frame needs to be restored.

As passionate and successful mountain bikers, both Monika and Miran invested their funds on training and equipment upkeep. Suddenly, because of the house fire, they need a significant amount of money just to make their home livable.

It is not just a home for 3 families. It is also a home for their passion and dream. Sad to see these trophies get burned. But for Miran and Monika, there's always a hope.

If you need any additional information about the event or Miran and Monika, do not hestiate to ask me.

We will try to do as much as we can on our own, however the material for the roofing still needs to be bought. And the roof repairs would have to start at once, to allow a proper "rain proofing", to dry the house.

We have great hopes in the Airfunding community to help us. Thank you for reading our story.

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