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My husband Need Urgent Hospitalization

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Hi everyone!

My name is Marli, 44 years old. I'm from Limpopo province of South Africa. In the good old days, together with my husband Rustin, we worked as plumbers and gas-fitters.

My Husband has Skin Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcenoma)

Rustin was diagnosed with skin cancer (Squamous Cell Carcenoma) in April 2019. It was only last year.

Rustin is now bedridden and getting worse

The cancer has spread rapidly from his lip to his face within one year. He couldn't walk anymore, and now talking is difficult. He could only eat liquid food using a straw like baby food and soft porridge. He urgently needs to go to hospice, but to get him there, he has to be admitted by a private doctor specialist.

We went through the government hospital but they were not much helpful. They couldn't sign the papers for his hospitalization because the hospital didn't accept it. That's why we need to get Rustin see a private doctor specialist so they can approve him to go to a hospital where he can get the much needed care.

Rustin need to go to a hospital

Any support would help. I would like to get an appointment with a private doctor specialist for him as soon as possible so he can be transferred to a hospital. Rustin is now on pain killer prescription but he is struggling to swallow the tablets. So he badly needs to be put on an IV to inject the pain killer.

I will use the funds to pay the specialist and to transport him to the hospital. The hospital is located at Pretoria, a 4 hours drive from our home.

After Rustin is taken care by the hospital, I will need to find other funding sources to pay the hospital bills and any necessary treatment and surgery. It would be a very long and hard journey for us. But we don't want to lose him.

Please help us to survive this difficult situation

Since Rustin got bedridden, I was not able to work as a plumber. I had to nurse him all the day, so I have no income anymore. All my funds is depleted and now our family is living on food parcels. I need to get back to work and earn income as soon as possible so I can provide for my kids (a 17 year old daughter and a 5 year old son). I can't afford to stay at home anymore.

We never thought such a disease would happen to any of our family members. But since now we're in this situation, I humbly ask for your support. Any amount will help. And thank you for reading this.

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