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I am sending greetings of peace, love and wellbeing to all the readers!

Hello! We are Belén Assis and Bernardo Correas, professional Forest Rangers, nature lovers and defenders of life, together we have traveled around Latin America backpacking for 3 years, learning about sister cultures of this continent and having the fortune to appreciate the wonderful natural wealth that we have. Sadly this beautiful richness is not appreciated but rather destroyed for many reasons. 

This adventure marked a path for us in our hearts, guided by a fervent desire to put our lives on the mission of working for a better world for all and to leave future generations of all species a healthy environment in which to live, bearing in mind that we are part of nature, not its owners so that existing in harmony is a reality. 

These convictions have been developing a DREAM in which we want you to participate, we have put together a project for the conservation and restoration of the native ecosystem together with environmental education, scientific research, ecotourism and sustainable permaculture production. 

We want the project to take place to make in the province of Misiones located in northwest Argentine where we consider an optimal place for the creation of green corridors given its great biodiversity that must be preserved. Unfortunately it is being threatened due to deforestation, tainted monocultures of agrochemicals and poaching they are destroying and fragmenting their habitat, bringing some species of wildlife to the brink of extinction. According to IUCN, in this province there are 27 species in this situation such as the Yaguareté, the Pato Serrucho, the Tapir, the Tamandua, the Harpy Eagle, the Fox Pitoco, the Lobito de Río, the Anteater, among many others. Each species is part of a complex ecological balance. If one becomes extinct, an imbalance occurs where environmental problems begin.

Occasionally an opportunity arises that cannot be ignored, where we must act immediately for the future of life in all its forms, for this reason we have the need to create a reserve for the conservation of nature in this place and protect it perpetuity.  By turning these lands into a permanently protected nature reserve, we will change not only their future, but we will also preserve the biodiversity of the area and safeguard the quality of life for future generations by ensuring environmental services. Studies prove that long-term protection of vast expanses of subtropical rainforest generates clean air and water for communities by supporting the global fight against climate change. 

This project is oriented to community financing by solidarity contributions to be able to buy these lands and dedicate them to this end, since we do not have enough money to finance it alone,

your donation will ensure vital support to perpetuate life.

The challenge is to be able to initially acquire 10 hectares of Paraná rainforest and / or forest for restoration to meet the planned objectives with the possibility and hope of expanding in the future, with the price per hectare of approximately USD 900, making a total objective of USD 9.000 approximately. The way we intent to reach the goal of total funds is using crowdfunding platforms such as Airfunding in conjunction with other collection techniques such as selling crafts, raffles and auctions of services or products sponsored by companies.  

The reward will be enjoyed by all of us, this lung we are creating will capture CO2, will contribute to water regulation, preserve biodiversity and be part of the unique landscape that you can enjoy and visit whenever you want. We would appreciate if you, along with your donation, send us a photo if possible with a motivating message to continue fighting for this dream, with which we will thank the social networks. You can follow us on Facebook: Proyecto Reserva Natural Jeikove and Instagram: proyecto_reserva_jeikove &nbsp


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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