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Robot 180 °: advanced equipment for pronation of patients

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My name is Alejandro Vargas, I am a surgeon and a master in epidemiology in Colombia.

I work with communities affected by COVID 19 in my region and live in Medellín.

I have received advanced training in public health and innovation issues with Singularity University in California (USA).

Research to help the world overcome COVID-19 problem

In the wake of the COVID 19 epidemic, Intensive Care Units have been overwhelmed with patients. Most of them have severe pneumonia and cardiovascular problems. All COVID patients should be placed "upside-down" to ensure better breathing and a better chance of survival. Prone a patient is a complex process that requires several doctors and nurses. The manual process of turning patients in the ICU is difficult, generating a risk of contagion in ICU workers, muscle pain, staff fatigue, and even the risk of extubation of the patient (exit of the oro-tracheal ventilation tube).

We designed a mattress-like robot that can lift up to 100 kilograms of weight and pronate the COVID patient without the manual involvement of nurses or doctors

This equipment is based on pneumatic cameras controlled by software that will rotate the patient 180 ° automatically and safely, generating tranquility and confidence for the Intensive Care Physician or Anesthesiologist on duty in ICUs.

About Robot 180 °

Robot 180 ° is an advanced biomedical device for use in Intensive Care Units in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. We have developed a 1:20 scale prototype with basic technological elements and we wish in the next three (3) weeks, acquire an air compressor of greater capacity, likewise, prepare the mattress with individual pneumatic chambers and add the electromechanical circuits that allow the mobilization of the mattress sections safely and appropriately according to the weight and size of each patient in the ICU.

We estimate that after this manufacturing stage, it takes another two (2) weeks to condition the communication interface between the biomedical device (Robot) and the doctor in charge of the pronation process of patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

At this time we will be prepared to perform a pronation test on a healthy person with average weight and height,

Usage of the funds

To realize this project, we need a huge amount of funds, which some of them will be used as For the purchase of supplies, equipment, and materials we need USD $ 12,820 (and three weeks of work).

For the development of the software and the interface between the equipment and medical personnel, USD $ 7,670 (two to three weeks of work) is required.

For the protection of intellectual property, USD $ 4,100 is required (Advice for the registration of the trademark and the national application for an invention patent in Colombia)

To carry out the quality and safety study of the prototype before presenting it to investors, USD $ 3,800 is required (includes a certificate from an expert in Biomedical Engineering -Ph.D.- that guarantees the safety of the robot).

And For the presentation of the prototype, the advanced business plan in a business conference and the exposition of the functional prototype to Hospital Managers and specialists in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care require USD $ 3,450.

Help us to help the world

We need to buy a more powerful air compressor, condition our electrical system, and improve the software to guarantee the safety of the procedure.

You can See the 3D video of our innovation in: advanced+of+pronation

Your help will be very meaningful! Thank you in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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