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I need help to pay an apartment for me and my child!

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Hello! My name is Olamide, and I live in Lagos, Nigeria!

I would like to raise some funds for me and my child so we can move to an appartment!

My husband passed away in a traffic accident

3 months ago I lost my husband due to a traffic accident.

I've a 8 months old daughter. When my husband was alive we had enough to pay for our daily expenses but now it's impossible to afford everything we need.

A couple of months ago I was kicked out from my place because I couldn't pay the rent.

Currently, I'm staying with a friend, but she is going to marry and we can't stay in her house forever. That's why I need to find and pay a new place.

Nobody can help me

I'm working in a beauty salon, but my monthly income is just $50.

It's not only me, I need to take care of my babe, buy her food, diapers, etc. With my salary I can't afford all the expenses.

I have my mum, but she can't help me because she is not working due to health problems.

I want to move to another place and start saving money

Currently, I just have left around $50.

With those savings it's not possible to pay a rent. I would like to be able to pay a few months of rent while I'm saving money for the future.

I really need your help to be able to fix this situation!

Details on needed funds

In order to pay a few months of rent and other expenses, I would need $700. I would really appreciate your help!


In case I can collect enough funds, I will move to another place with my child as soon as I can.

If I don't collect enough funds I think I will have to sell stuff like my mobile phone.

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