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Helping out hardworking students to become registered nurses

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Hello everyone,

My name is Richard a nursing student in LPU, Philippines.

I representing my fellow nursing students whos seeking for help regarding their academic needs.

Hard-working classmates that need help financially

I live in Taal Batangas and the reason why I started this project is that I wanted to help my hard-working classmates with regards to their tuition fees this school year.

The situation right now is very unpredictable to when it'll go back to normal and because of that it prevents them to reach their dreams of becoming an RN someday

Enrolled in a university doesn't mean that they can afford it nor rich enough to survive every semester, they have their own story on how to pull it off, like being a working student

2020 is a tough year for us

For some reason, the year 202 is not a good start for some of us and the side effects are unbearable, especially on financial. Starting January 12, where the Taal volcano erupted, then continue with the pandemic (COVID-19) strikes and put everything back to its previous state, where people started to suffer once again. And the most affected of these events are the students who my motive for helping out.

supposedly semester breaks are the best time for preparation for the upcoming school year due to theirs lots of part-time job opportunities for students to grab and earn because that is how I and my classmates planed it, but it didn't happen. I describe them as a hard-working student because they will do everything they can just to graduate as soon as possible and they can't afford wasting time, not only for the diploma but because they love what they are doing as well as uplifting their current situation in life to a better one plus serving the country as front liners someday.

however due to the lockdown and fear of getting infected from an uncurable virus, well its curable if you have millions in your pocket but we don't. so prevention is still better than cure for us and the strict lockdown made it even worse since you can't go to work and the parents of these students are one of those who lost their jobs and nowadays it's hard to find one that includes part-time jobs as well. but that never stopped my classmates for reaching their goals and dreams, 4 of them started a small food business and the remaining are doing online jobs however whatever they earned they will just use it for their daily needs or a small saving will not get them in time to enroll this school year.

The funds collected are for their education bills

The amount of 1,500 will be divided into 6 as for downpayment, registration, and other materials for school and from there we will continue to pursue our dreams for us to help others in the future because we know how it feels having nonthing.

I understand how hard it is to find a job these days, so it leaves them no choice, including their parents who lost their jobs. Now we are all finding possible solutions but the looks of it they won't be able to make the desired amount needed in time.

it is my pleasure on helping them with the further extent of my abilities. im not only referring to 1 but 6 students under pressure to how they will overcome such challenge. because I believe that in every family under the silver lining if one of them stands out by finishing a degree would lead to a comfortable life after.

On behalf of them, I send many thanks

God bless you

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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