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Hello everyone!

I am a woman of the Pijao ethnic group from the Tolima department in Colombia. My name is Franceline Lozano Sánchez, a promoter and defender of Human Rights of women, children, youth and vulnerable populations.

Volunteer works

The legacy of my ancestors has been the volunteer work in the learning of citizen rights, the mechanisms of enforcing-ability and social organization.

I have higher studies in the social area and all of them were carried out thinking about bringing the best pedagogy to the population with whom we do volunteer work. I am the fourth of six women leaders in my family, all linked to social processes.

About the Women's Association Time to Act AMHA

I currently live in Bogotá Colombia, a place where since 2003, together with the women of my family and other local leaders, I have promoted the promotion process for the creation, conformation and implementation of the Public Policy for Women and Gender Equity From the Capital District, through the Association of Women Time to Act AMHA.

As of 2013 we (the family) were invited to be part of an Indigenous Reservation in my region of origin and since 2015 I have been involved with their work. My family and I began to do pedagogy and accompaniment to the community process of the reservation, strengthening it in issues of social control, rights of indigenous peoples, rescue of culture and social organization for the defense of natural resources and territory. One of my sisters is president of the Community Action Board of Vereda Meche San Cayetano in Tolima and from there she manages to deliver goods and resources to the indigenous population of which we are part.


In 2018 I was invited to the commission to reform the statutes of the reservation, and with the participating population we managed to elevate them to Own Mandate with the name of: Manual of Own Justice and Internal and Coexistence Regulations, which was approved on 3 November 2018 and based in the Ministry of the Interior in Colombia.

The unexpected (Covid-19)

The appearance of the unexpected visitor (Covid-19) has caused a breakdown in my personal finances and those of my sisters, since we have been independent workers for most of our lives; which has enabled us all these years to do volunteer work.

Please support us and 25 other indigenous families.

Today we turn to your help to meet basic personal and family needs such as food, payment of home public services, payment of social security, promote a productive unit in wool fabrics and contribute to the maintenance of a healing space that was opened to help women in their processes of emotion management and personal empowerment mainly.

The aid includes at least 25 indigenous families from the reservation of which we are part and who are currently unable to generate income due to the prolonged quarantine. 60% of the families are made up of older people (some are Counselors and Senior Counselors) and the rest are families with school-age boys and girls.

Our plan

I aspire to collect $ 9,000 between the months of June to August 2020, to prevent the unexpected visitor (Covid-19) from taking away my dreams and at the same time preventing us from continuing our community work with populations in vulnerable conditions.

I will administer your valuable help prioritizing the distribution according to the needs to be attended, taking into account that the impact of the pandemic significantly increases the indices of poverty and misery of the homes, especially of the indigenous population and of the families that today we are not able to generate income.

My life purpose has been to help, today I need your help.

Our community volunteer work does not stop, we will continue to do pedagogy for the learning of citizenship, the enforceability of collective rights and a dignified life. We will continue to raise awareness about caring for the planet and civic responsibility. Visit our Facebook. Women's Association Time to Act -AMHA.

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