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Be self-sustainable in 1000 square meters.

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Hello, how are you?

My name is Carlos Gabriel Montiel Martínez and my wife Rita Patricia Cabrera Hernández, we are a couple of dreamers.

In 2017 we came to live in (Jaureguiberry), Canelones, Uruguay to a dune in a maritime container.

Doing self-sustainable for healthy and friendly lifestyle with the environment

We both Working non-stop both in teaching, Music Education (my wife), and Geographical Sciences, during the week and in our project during the weekend.

Our project is to demonstrate that it is possible to be self-sustainable through growing our food, generating our energy, raising poultry for animal protein (eggs and meat) in order to train, spread, and share a healthy and friendly lifestyle with the environment.

In this way, it is intended to provide the population with knowledge, good agricultural practices, free of pesticides and pesticides and thus ensures Food Sovereignty, a right that all citizens of the world deserve.

It is possible to obtain everything we need to be well-nourished, and it is there where the knowledge and strategies necessary to ensure food for the whole year come into play without having to go to the large areas where the food offered there is highly industrialized. generating damages in regards to our quality of life.

Our mission as teachers is to contribute to generating critical and thoughtful citizens capable of choosing because we are sure that education is the necessary agent for change, without education it is not possible to achieve it.

a motor cultivator is needed or more effective work process

This project has brought us a lot of energy, work, and happiness, which has grown, and with manual work, it is not enough: we need to buy machinery.

We live in a land of 1000 square meters that are distributed in 600 square meters of the vegetable garden and greenhouse (where hydroponic forage and vegetable cultivation is carried out), 200 square meters of fruit trees (deciduous and perennial) accompanied by a chicken coop with 50 birds, the remaining surface is intended for housing and storage of tools and supplies.

Our problem lies in the need to buy a motor cultivator in order to prepare the land since with manual tools it is not enough.

Help us to purchase motor cultivator before the planting season

Due to the economical, it has become very difficult for us to buy it. We planned to buy Husqvarna Tr 530 cultivator, and it will cost about the US $2,000

We would need this tool for August, which is the planting season. We need your financial support to acquire the machinery and collaborate with the project, from deep of our heart, we send many thanks for your support.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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