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I need support to relief my family's economic situation!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Atta Ullah Faramosh, and I'm from Pakistan!

My family is going through economic difficulties, and I would like to ask for support!

Our dad passed away

We lost our dad one year ago in a car accident.

I'm the oldest brother, so since we've lost dad I had to take all responsabilities on my family. I'm working in a poultry shop for $80 a month, and this is not enough for my family.

I've younger siblings: a brother of 12 years old and 2 little sisters of 8 and 5 years old.

I need to pay the school fee of my brother, and also, I should be preparing the engagement gift for my sister's future engagement. I don't know what to do to provide my family!

Engagement gift is necessary in our culture

As my dad passed away, I'm in charge of get the quantity of money that will be used as engagement gift.

This is a quantity of money that the bride's family have to prepare when the engagement. It's not a small quantity.

Our savings and monthly income don't allow me to prepare it.

Engagement is decided when the bride is young in my culture. I should have ready the engagement gift quantity, but I haven't that money due to the bad circumstances in my family.

I can't rely on my relatives

My brother is going to school.

School fee is another important expense I should be providing, but with my monthly income is not enough.

My relatives can't help me either because their own economic situation is not good. Maybe Airtripp Funding is the last chance I have to support my family!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $530 that will be used for both my sister and brother!


In case I can collect enough funds, I will be able to support my family, to prepare the engagement gift quantity.

If I can't collect enough funds it will be really difficult to my family, so I would appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart!

In the future, I would like to have my own business so my monthly income would be increased and I will be able to provide my family as they deserve! Thank you very much!

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