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I need to pay back a student loan!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Osama and I live in Amman, Jordan!

I decided to open a project in order to raise some funds that could help me paying back a student loan I owe. I hope you can help me!

I took a loan to be able to study in University

Around 5 years ago I started college but I wasn't able to pay the tuition fee, so I took a student loan.

I managed to graduate and I though that I would be able to find a job and pay back the loan, but I still can't find a well paid job.

As I'm not being able to pay back the loan, the debt has been increased due to the interests.

I can't save enough money by myself

I started to work in a restaurant to be able to make some money.

My monthly income is not high and also I have a really big family, so I try to collaborate as much as I can. It takes a lot of time for me to save enough money.

I've just been able to save around $300!

I don't want to be a burden to my father

My dad is also worry about me not being able to pay back the loan.

He is saying that he will pay it but if he pays it the family economy will be affected!

That's why I need to pay the debt by myself, as I don't want to become a burden.

Details on needed funds

If I manage to collect $690 plus my own savings I would be able to pay back the loan!


If my project succees, I will pay back the student loan as soon as possible.

I need to do it before this year ends, if not I might get in trouble.

I would really appreciate any little help! Thank you very much!

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