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Support my dialysis and my medical needs

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Hello everyone!

My name is Roshel from Philippines. I am a single mother and I have 2 lovely kids. I have 8 siblings and I helped my father to sent my siblings able to get a good education.

2 months ago I was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. I'm unable to do normal activity because of my condition. I need a kidney transplant or doing dialysis twice a week. That medical fee is expensive for me to afford it.

I'm helping my father to make a living

I worked in Qatar before for 9 months. I helped my father to help my siblings to receive education. My father is just a local security guard at my village and he only makes 900 Philippines peso a month. That why I worked in Qatar and help to support my 8 siblings and my 2 lovely kids.

My working contract already ended, so I returned to Philippines on May of 2019. 3 of my siblings are already married and they are living in a different place, but we were able to reunite again on my mother's funeral.

I was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with chronic kidney disease

On 28th of June, when I was taking care of my children and my siblings on dinner time, I suddenly start feeling unwell and hardly to breathe. My brother accompanied me to the hospital, and I passed out there. When I woke up, I found myself already installed with a ventilator and dialysis on my neck. I stayed on hospital for one month. Doctor said that I got chronic kidney disease and need to have a transplant or doing dialysis twice a week.

Dialysis twice a week or get a kidney transplant

I finally was able to discharge from the hospital. But I still need to do dialysis twice a week every Monday and Thursday to keep myself in fit condition.

There are another better way to get myself healthy, by getting a kidney transplant. I wish that I can collect funds to receive kidney transplant. The donor of the kidney will be my younger brother himself. He's willing to give his kidney because I was helping him with his study before.

But the price of kidney transplant is so expensive that I cannot afford, besides I still need to pay the remain hospital bill when I was stayed at hospital during 1 month before. I have no insurance so I asked the government for assistance, but I only got the dialysis payment for one time. I will get another help from the government after 3 months.

Details on needed funds

Total hospital bill is 321.000 peso (6.100$). I already paid it half and still have to pay another 98.000 peso (1.900$), and for Dialysis and medicine one time is 600 peso (11$) wether I need to do dialysis twice a week.

But I will be really grateful if I'm able to collect enough funds to receive kidney transplant that costs 300.000 peso (5.700$)


All the funds collected will be used for my medical purposes: paying the remain medical bill and for my dialysis treatment. But If I'm able to collect enough funds to do kidney transplant (the fee for doing kidney transplant is about 300.000 Philippine peso (5.700$) ) I will arrange it as soon as possible to do surgery since the compatible donor is already available. But if doesn’t collect enough, it will be used to support my urgent dialysis purpose. (Dialysis will cost about 600 philippine peso (11$) each time).

For now, I'm selling my things from Qatar and getting some help by some of my friends for the dialysis cost. I would be really grateful to anyone who support me!

Thank you in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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