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Playing my guitar in Japan with my Airtripp friends!

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Hello! I'm Jonathan Beacom, from United States! My dream is to perform in a live house in Japan!

Thanks to the collaboration of Airtripp friends like Tala, if I'm able to go to Japan I could really play my guitar in a live house in Japan!

Tala is the guitarist of a band named "Datenshi Project" and they offered to collaborate with them!

I can't fullfil this dream alone

I grew up with a single mom, living in rv campers most of my life, and I have to leave schools many times and that's why I cannot get high paying jobs. But I work very hard to find ways to make money!

Please, help me to make my dream come true, meet all my friends in Japan and perform in concert there!

Why I love Japan

I'm interested in Japan since I was in school. I remember to learn about many countries due to a class work, and the first time I heard of Japan I got really impressed by its traditional culture and beautiful landscapes.

Of course, Manga and Anime catched my attention too (like Pokemon). And also I started to love the sound of Japanese songs I started to discover, though I don't understand the words. But what I love the most is the Japanese people. Since getting to know people who live there, I find myself dreaming of being somewhere that people is so nice.

Playing my guitar in a live house in Japan!

My family has a lot of musicians and music has always meant a lot to me. I was 13 when I got a small and cheap guitar that I started to play. Then, my mum got me a new one around my early 20s.

I started to use Airtripp because I wanted to make Japanese friends and I have been able to meet a lot of nice people here, like Tala and the other band members that will help me to play in Japan.

Details on needed funds

Only the flight ticket is around $ 1,500, so I need $ 2,300. I want to bring my guitar with me, so the flight ticket gets a little expensive.


I'm helping my mother out as often as I can because she is having surgeries and recovering. I think around March of next year she will be okay, so I can travel to Japan on Spring.

Of course, I will let you all know when the live dates are decided!

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the flag image of country YoKoKo
Jon's dream come true! Somehow came to Japan, along with the friends of the Airtripp blossom. In the "Heaven's door" I, want to listen to your music!
the flag image of country Tala
I hope you can play with my band in Tokyo! Good luck!
the flag image of country 桜sakuraさくら
It'll be great if you come to Japan and share your music with Japanese friends. We already know how you love Japan and your efforts through your posts. I hope your dream will come true! Looking foward your visit!
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