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Zale: the force of the sea, Gisli: ray of sunshine.

Our names are Zale and Gisli. We are two kittens rescued by Madely Araque, a wonderful girl who would give everything for us. She is 23 years old and lives alone with us in Chile, where she has been living for 3 years since she had to leave her home country Venezuela. This is her when she was happy: 

Her big dream is to help people and animals that suffer, she wants to be a marine biologist and since she is 14 years old she has dedicated herself to rescue kittens from the streets and give them good homes. Since she was 16 she has been in constant contact with the sea and the people of the Venezuelan coast, educating tourists who stayed at her parents' inn in Aragua. Passionately applying to them the natural resources of the coast and how we can enjoy them without damaging them. Well, as we are cats, we prefer to be at home but you know...

In Chile, he changed his job radically, facing his greatest fears: the offices. Still, she knew that it was a great opportunity to learn and be able to help her family from there and herself to continue studying the career of her dreams.

But despite her desire, something brought her down

In 2018, after a few odd months for her, Madely was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Here's a little explanation. no 

She began to suffer a lot, there were days when she had to stay in the hospital and her world was going down, she had no strength. With the help of the state she was able to have medicine and therapy with the right health professionals, and she improved a lot, she adopted us and now we are very happy with her. She says we are her angels:


Now it's time to talk about us 

I'm Zale, I'm 1 year and 5 months old and Madely adopted me after a foundation rescued my mommy cat from some bad people, they took care of her until my brothers and I were born, and we were strong to get a home. Made and I generated a magical connection right away, and she took me home, always took me to the vet, played with me, educated me, gave me my shots and spayed me. But she noticed that because of her job she was away a lot 1 year after I came home, she brought me a little sister: Gisli

She came home at two months old, dirty, scared, sick and in danger of losing her eye. Made adopted her from a very poor family that did not have the means to take the kittens to the vet, and they were giving them up for adoption. She made me very happy, we played, washed, did 

mischief and we also make Made laugh. 

COVID-19 and our new struggle

We have not missed anything so far, but Made as the days of the quarantine passed it fell apart. They suspended all their therapies since the state agency where they are treating her does not have the resources to do therapy through the internet. Her mood has declined and being alone in a country, without friends or family and locked up and without therapy has made her a very unstable person. This is what she looked like before all this, she wanted to shine.

She had a steady job with which she decided to enroll in college earlier this year and knew that she could pay for your work. She applied and was given a place in her dream career: Marine Biology. She started and has gotten the best grades and has given everything for what she loves, but her soul is fading every time because the company she works for decided to lower her salary by 50% in March and since then she has had to use credits to pay the monthly fee of the university which is $500 USD since they didn't give her a scholarship either.

Now she wants to get ahead, because the money no longer allows her to buy our food or take us to the vet since my sister Gisli needs checks with the eye doctor because of the injury she has had in her eye since she was rescued in February.

We need your help to

-Pay off Madely's debts to the university so she can continue her studies.

-To be able to pay for private doctors to help her with her illness.

-Having resources for your venture

-To be able to take my little sister Gisli to the eye doctor to keep her treatment in her eye.

-To be able to buy food for her and for us.

Here we leave the Made enterprise for you to review, this helps you get out your bad emotions and have a little extra income:

We send you many cat hugs and hope that all can see the joy in the darkness. With love: Gisli and Zale

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