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Going to work or not eating, the risk of Mexicans

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Hello everyone!

I am Isa Kegel. I am 51 years old and a mother of three and grandmother of a young child.

I work as a teacher in an international school. Our spirit of giving is inherent in our lives. We, as a family, have been helping people since we were little in Mexico City earthquakes, hurricane flooding, and volcano emergencies.

I feel very blessed to have a home, food and health together with all my immediate family. This is why I feel compelled to help others survive the pandemic with food and clean drinking water.

The pandemic in Mexico

In Mexico, the Covid-19 situation has no effect on people's behavior. Thousands of families continue to take risks, still going to work every day, to make a living. These families have to go to work every day just to eat.

The helplessness of not being able to help those families, which many of them consisted of older people and children, as I wanted, made me launch this proposal. There is no humanitarian support from the authorities, no food support for families in need. We need a food bank where I can help with its preparation and distribution to the most needy and vulnerable in the area where I live.

The pandemic situation in my neighborhood

Around my neighborhood there are many small towns that live mostly from domestic work. Many are not receiving aid staff for fear of contagion and have been left with no way to bring money and food home. In addition, many men have chosen to leave the United States, leaving these women in charge of their families and abandoning them, for the most part.

It is very humane if we want to support them, I see so many publications from other countries about the various supports given to families like these families, but unfortunately that is not the case here.

This is another opportunity to help. If we don't get together in these circumstances, then when?

These communities are in great need of food

This is how people live in my neighborhood. In houses made of cardboard and wood, some are no more than four square meters.

You don't see people, they are not there, they are selling things with the children on a corner of a nearby street.

Help me deliver food packages to people

The food packages I want to deliver will include:

・ 1 kg of rice

・ 1 kg of beans

・ 1 kg of lentils

・ 1 packet of salt

・ 1 packet of sugar

・ 1 kg of tortilla flour

・ 1 lt of cooking oil

・ 1 bottle of 20 liters of drinking water

・ 1 set of vegetables: tomato, onion, chili, coriander and green tomatoes.

・ 1 large box of matches

・ Newspaper

Every life and livelihood matters

Help me help, everything will be for the benefit of the communities of Juriquilla, el Nabo, San Miguelito, Santa Rosa Jauregui and the town of Jurica.

You would make me very happy if you used the [Collaborate by sharing] button to share my project!

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