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Help me pick up the pieces of my shattered life

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Hello! My name is Rachel, Currently, I live in Bandung, Indonesia.

Paying a loan to pay for my brother's tuition

This story begins with my introduction to 'something' which I later regretted. One night about a year ago, my father called and told me the difficulty of not finding a loan to pay for my brother's tuition.

Although I am grateful to have a job soon after graduation, my salary is still below average. My savings are only enough to pay 1/3, I helped find a loan to cover 2/3 which still lacks hope that I can show that I can be useful. Nobody can help at the time, but my friend suggested borrowing it from an online application

It's easy to just need an ID photo, a selfie photo, an office ID, and some access to my loan phone is disbursed in half an hour! But the interest is very large, almost touching 30% for just 21 days. But that is only the beginning of this story, my introduction to online loans is easy with choking interest. I can repay this debt with my and my father's salary.

Online loans are a nightmare

The problem began when my employment contract was not renewed, my money thinned out when I was unemployed but I could not help asking my father for money back. I kept sending some money, not telling him I was no longer working.

I foolishly borrowed from the online loan application. When due because I cannot pay, I register another application to cover the previous application. Like that until I have 7 online applications. Sometimes closing one application requires up to 2 other applications to cover the payment.

Five months later I was hired to work for a salary above that first job. In three months I closed 3 applications, although still with a system to dig a manhole cover, leaving 4 more applications.

Last April, when the impact of COVID-19 was first being felt in Indonesia, the government voiced relaxation for debt repayment related to the economic downturn. That does not apply to online loan applications, they do not provide relaxation but are afraid of bad credit so do not give loans back.

Help me to pay my online loan

I have no other way out of the online loan trap. I was being chased by a debt collector. My data was disseminated, embarrassed by the words that I was a fraud, a thief, a runaway company money to pay debts.

I have already borrowed from someone close to me and tried to pay, but because not all of the debt I can repay is still piling up because of new interest.

The total debt I have currently is about Rp 22.817.703 ($1,600) from 7 online loans, it will keep increasing if I couldn't finish paying the debt as soon as possible.

I was afraid to hear the ringing of the telephone. I also fear that if there is a motorbike approaching the house, I'm afraid it's a debt collector.

I tried to collect the messy part, dared to share this. I, the fool, learned the hardest way. Maybe you are an extension of God to be a blessing that helps to collect parts of my messy life.

The money I get will be used fully to pay off debt and restart my life. It is very difficult to find work now, but I will keep trying. When I get a job, I will pay back in installments for every rupiah I use. Please also pray for me.

Please also pray for me. Thank you for your support, prayer, and free time.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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