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Help for homeless to remake their life!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Nguyễn Phạm Tuân and I'm from Vietnam!

I would like to help the homeless of my community and for that I need your support!

Homeless can't change their fate alone

I've always liked to collaborate helping people in need since I'm in school, so I often volunteered.

Currently, I'm thinking about holding a project to help homeless people of my community. What I want is to help them to find a job.

In my community there are many homeless due to many different reasons.

They live in the streets, their clothes are dirty and they don't eat regularly. Because of their appearance, nobody wants to give them a job. That's what I want to change!

I want to help them to find a job!

First, I want to find a place to relocate them.

I want to give them enough food and provide them with new clothes, shampoo, soap, etc. so they can fix their appearance.

Then, they will be ready to find a job and say goodbye to the streets.

I can't do this alone

I started to work very recently in an advertisement company, and my salary is still low.

I didn't have enough time to save money to implement this idea on my own as I just saved $100. My country is not a rich country, so I don't know people who might help me.

I would really appreciate if you can support me in this project!

Details on needed funds

To implement my idea I would need $500. As I already saved $100, I hope you can help me raising $400!


With this target amount I think I could help around 20 or 30 people.

In case I can raise even more funds I will be able to help more people! If I can't collect funds I will just save little by little until I get enough!

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