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Maintain the animal shelter run by emigrant animal lover

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Hello, Nice to greet you! This is our story,

My name is Viviana Henao, with my husband, we are Colombians, we lived in the country of Bolivia for 11 years

We have sheltered more than 60 animals in situations of abandonment. They have been the most beautiful, difficult, and saddest years of our lives ... he, our little sun

Some story of our little ones we rescued

he was abandoned and suffered on the streets, now He lives very happily by our side about three years ago. With him we have 40 kittens and 6 puppies we have a puppy that suffered a car accident was paralyzed

we assume to keep it and as you understand it needs a lot of care, it needs diapers to sleep ... we have a kitten without a paw too

We need food for them, there are more than 40 tummies to feed ...

We need your support to maintain the place, feed them and make them in good condition

5 years ago we have been taking care of them, protecting them ... sterilizing them, because that is the mission that no more animals are born to suffer ... all this with our independent work ...

that as you know ... it has been slowed down by the crisis worldwide ... these are the houses of our kittens live in little land we urgently need to put a cement floor on them ...

We pay rent and the owner of the house has allowed us to put the apartment on them, we need tents to avoid the cold, here is about 10 degrees cold ... we need to make an anti-escape ... as you will understand ... if they come from suffering in the streets ... We can't allow them to go out ... I take them out, I give them their walk in the garden ... and I come back and keep them while we do the anti-escape ...

please ... help them ... and not just mine, There are many who need you, me, us in the world ... because we among humans help each other ... only we can help them

our Facebook page is called Las Aventuras del osito y sus hermanos, you can see all of our adventures there

It has been very hard recently, but we always fighting for their well-being.

God blesses them, God blesses us all without a doubt ... in different ways but He does. ..thank you very much for your support

Our page on Facebook: Las Aventuras del osito y sus hermanos .... here is our story of the 5 years .... lived and fought for them

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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