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Help me continue to care for my wife Elsa and our baby!

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My name is Fidelmar I am 31 years old and I live in a small town in Mexico together with my beloved wife Elsa !!

We met 7 years ago, and two years after we got engaged, we decided to take the next step and start our own family! Everything was going very well until 5 months pregnant we lost our baby named Mateo, due to incompetence in Elsa's cervix, which could not bear the baby's weight! It was a very painful situation, which led us to rethink whether or not to have our own children or adopt a child at some point.

Operation would help increase the success of Elsa's pregnancy

For 4 years, we prepared ourselves clinically, economically and mentally to try again, now with a diagnosis with a higher percentage in our favor, because they told us about an operation that would help increase the success of our pregnancy.

We moved to Mexico City, in the Gustavo a Delegation. I move to the north of the city, where the rest of my family lives with the intention that in any emergency, Elsa could be helped immediately.

Everything was going great, Elsa had a job and we decided to invest all our savings in a business that we believed would help us with our life project, namely, we founded a neighborhood cafeteria.

COVID-19 Make our financial not in good condition

We had been open for a week when the first restrictions arose due to the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic in the city and practically a month we had to close, causing us great frustration since the only real support we had was the one that Elsa applied for. Fortunately, she continued to keep her job, but the moment came when she was also indicated with home security, and with that, her income was reduced by 70% since they reduced her salary and she no longer received bonuses or commissions for her work.

A few days later, they decreed that the area in which we lived was a High Contagion Zone and since I had been given Influenza N1H1 in 2017, my health could be compromised since, from that situation, any respiratory disease hit me.

To the extent of putting myself to bed for at least 15 days, we went to the Elsa Family home in Guanajuato, fleeing from COVID, Elsa's sister's husband coming for us and taking us to our temporary destination on April 28, 2020.

We are expecting to have a baby again

Days after we arrived, Elsa and I discovered that we had succeeded and were expecting a baby again, but sadly, the emotion was clouded because the doctor indicated total rest with a high risk of losing the baby, with a 0% successful prognosis if not An operation called preventive cerclage was done at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The operation was carried out on June 20, 2020, but Elsa began to show constant bleeding until today, which I share with you our story, that is, a month later, namely on July 20.

due to Elsa's extremely high-risk condition, can do absolutely nothing by herself, I lay her down and get out of bed to take her to the bathroom, I make her food and I eat, I change her clothes, and other things that in normal conditions of pregnancy she could do.

This obliges me to be on the lookout for Elsa 24 hours a day, and sadly because of COVID 19 and the high risk of contagion and vulnerability of Elsa, to think of an outside job, or to reopen our business, or for the family to come to Helping us becomes a very dangerous option, both due to government instructions and the circumstances that we are personally experiencing due to the pregnancy.

Help us on Elsa's medical expenses

Elsa's mother has been supporting us, and with the salary that Elsa still received, we were freeing her, but the expenses generated by Elsa's operation, the constant medication, medical appointments, masks, and other expenses, have practically ended us all our resources, not to mention that we had invested practically all our savings in our business that we had to close for months.

Now what a few days ago Elsa was informed of her work is that they should not adhere to the epidemiological traffic light and the indications of the government because they had received indications from their legal team not to have such an obligation, so they told Elsa that or carry a disability or would be terminated for absenteeism. Immediately we moved by phone with family in the City and asked that they request Elsa's disability, but it was practically denied, forcing Elsa to practically resign involuntarily, since we do not have the physical and economic conditions to initiate litigation.

We need huge enough amount for Elsa's medical expenses, we keep trying to get enough funds for Elsa medication, so your support will really mean for us, as estimated, herewith is Elsa's medical expenses will be spent at:

1. cost of medical visit $ 1050

(2 monthly medical views over the next 5 months, total $ 10,500)

2. daily medication: 200mg progesterone vaginally 15 capsules $ 680

(2 boxes per month, since it only contains 15 capsules per box and must be applied daily, total $ 6,800)

3. maternity vitamins 30 tablets $ 360 (1 box during each of the remaining 5 months of pregnancy, total $ 1,800).

4. maternity pregnancy girdle $ 499

5. payment of financing of preventive cerclage operation, and medical fees $ 16,800

Given all of the above, we wanted to ask for your help to continue paying the daily expenses and to collect for the medical attention that Elsa needs.

with your help, I will be able to continue taking care of Elsa from COVID19 and I will be able to continue taking care of her and our baby, hoping that now if we can see him laugh.

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