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Changing Life's of African child through learning & playing.

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Hello everyone!

I am Mrs. Zinyane, Nolusindiso the founder and principal of Little Angel's Early Childhood Development Centre, a mother of three daughters and married woman.

Disclaimer: all pictures were captured before the first case of Covid-19 reported in South Africa.

The backgound of the Early Childhood Development Centre

I established the Early Childhood Development Centre in 2014 to make the difference and be the change I want to see in my community as a whole. All this is because of enthusiasm, self-motivated and love I have for children and also to provide jobs opportunities for youth as there is high rate of unemployment to my township.

I am a social innovator I am always looking for opportunities, gaps and the aim of which is to impact the lives of underprivileged children from Mfuleni with education.

I am based in South Africa, Cape Town in Mfuleni and am more or less twenty to thirty kilometres away from Cape Town Central Business Districts. I have two properties, one property is for Little Angel's Early Childhood Development Centre where we keep children and have two classes, Administration offices, storeroom, playing ground, Kitchen and two toilets. The second property is approximately twenty meters away from Little Angel's ECD Centre, where I live with my family and also built a house for daycare and aftercare which is strictly for children under the age of three months to thirty-six months old and is outside the main house.

The little angels

The Little Angel's Early Childhood Development Centre has enrolled forty-five children from the age of three months to six years and have five permanent ECD practitioners and also four volunteers from Youth Employment Services program.

The Centre has a significant impact in the community

The Centre has and still playing a significant impact in the community of Mfuleni, all these years since it was established, as I mentioned above that we have forty-five children and ten staff members, which the Centre accommodates for teaching, learning, playing, eating and for administration.

The community that the Little Angel's ECD Centre is situated has a high rate of unemployment, alcohol abuse, illiteracy among youngsters, malnutrition and poverty etc. All these are party of complexity Little Angel's ECD Centre is committed to combat or reduce by all means. Indeed we have managed to take out children off the streets, providing them a second home, where they learn through playing with educational activities and toys and supplied with breakfast, lunch till they reach the age of six years when they are ready and fit mentally, physically, socially and emotionally to attend primary school.

Secondly I had managed to recruit five permanent staff, two of them are qualified teachers and each with her own assistant teacher and the fifth one she is working at the kitchen. I have five volunteers who are not on my payment roll. Four volunteers were allocated by Afrika Tikkun organisation working with government initiatives on program called Youth Employment Service. The fifth volunteer was from Germany and she returned to Germany before the Lockdown was implemented due to Covid-19 precaution measures.

In highlight, the Little Angel's ECD Centre has provided job opportunities for youth, combating poverty and enrolled children to attend the basic education, by working close with the department of health, Department of Social Development and other Non-governmental organisation such as Afrika Tikkun and Learn2live. However, the little Angel's is becoming more crowded and cannot accommodate above sixty capacity of learners and including the staff members due to lack of space which is difficult for the Centre to accomplished its objectives, mission and vision.

Please support us for renovation and supplies!

Our main objective is to provide the underprivileged with high quality education, taking them off the streets, taking care of them on behalf of their parents during the weekdays. In order to provide that kind of service we need to renovate, extend, add the third toilets and extend the classes and also separating the administration office and store room from the classes for these reasons health and safe environment for learners who can possibly sneak out of class if unattended. The roof sheets of the structure has leakages and needs to be changed, do not have enough playing items as our playing ground have no enough playing objects. By having all these being fixed hence, constructing a safe environment for learners, staff and the public community.

It will be great if we can renovate as soon as possible

The funds are needed as soon as possible, to implement all abovementioned needs of the Early Childhood Development Centre, we can use this time since we are not fully operating since the country is still facing the pandemic Covid-19, and under the lockdown. If we can get this opportunity to be funded, we can use these few months to renovate the ECD Centre and buy the playing items and other objects that are needed.

As I mentioned before there is much that is needed to be done, to renew the Early Childhood Development Centre, and first of all we will renovate the structure, buy new roof sheets, ceiling, playing objects, separate the classes from the storeroom and administration office and build the third toilets so that they can accommodate everyone as each toilets can be used by ten individuals per hour.

Join us!

Thank you.

MRS. N. Zinyane

Contacts Details:

Phone Number: 073 762 3031

Email address:

Physical address: 27903 Umbaseli Street Bardale Mfuleni 7100.

Facebook page: Little Angel's Kindergarden.

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